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How to Keep Luxury Jewellery Safe and Secure While Travelling

Holiday outfits aren’t complete until you’ve added some glamorous jewellery. Sun-kissed skin is a great backdrop for your favourite pieces, whether you’re showing off a spectacular diamond ring, enchanting necklace or gorgeous earrings. But keeping your valuable jewellery secure and undamaged while you’re travelling is important to consider. Here’s how you can keep yours safe.

Secure storage

Jewellery is a prime target for thieves, particularly in holiday spots around the world. Ensuring your valuable items are securely stored while you travel and during your stay is essential to protect them. Discreet jewellery cases are a good step to conceal items should someone get a hold of your luggage. In hotels, AirBnBs or other forms of accommodation, use safes and secure lockups if they’re available. Your space may be cleaned during the day, so keep jewellery out of sight while you’re away to reduce the risk of theft.

Travel insurance

Whenever you’re taking valuable items on holiday, it’s always a good idea to get appropriate travel insurance. Some policies offer cover for lost or stolen items up to a certain value, so make sure you declare your luxury jewellery in the process. If the worse does happen, you may not be able to get your cherished jewellery back, but you should be able to claim for your losses so you can buy some replacement pieces with a payout. Hopefully, that won’t be needed anyway!

Packing techniques

Getting your favourite jewellery to your destination without losing, tangling or damaging them can be quite tricky. Handy packing tips and tricks can be useful to ensure they survive the journey, so you can wear them during your holiday.

Travel-sized jewellery boxes, drawstring pouches and fabric rolls are great for keeping pieces separate from the rest of your luggage. Ensure that necklaces are tidily wrapped around something reliable to avoid them getting tangled. Avoid open containers because you can easily lose smaller items of jewellery in a suitcase or travel bag.

Know when to wear it and when not to

Luxury jewellery attracts a lot of attention in a crowd. So, you’ll need to be mindful of when and where you wear your most expensive or cherished items. Avoid showing off your best pieces in crowded settings where strangers are within striking distance of you. Instead, reserve your best necklaces or earrings for evening meals or quieter gatherings with people you know.

You should also consider what pieces you wear for certain activities. Avoid wearing precious metals while swimming or doing any sort of activity with water involved because they can react to chemicals or salt water.

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