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My Town with Asia Upward, Founder of Logan Brae Retreats – The Blue Mountains

We catch up with Asia Upward, owner of luxury accommodation, Logan Brae Retreats, and find out what she loves about her town, the stunning Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia.

1. Tell us about the area that you live in and why you chose to make it your home.

We’re fortunate to call the Blue Mountains our home, nestled at the pinnacle in Blackheath. The Shipley Plateau was originally all apple orchards and farmland just a two minute drive out from Blackheath shops. Despite feeling like a world away. it’s conveniently placed. Our 25-acre slice of paradise allows us to relish the best of both worlds. While we’re able to operate a flourishing boutique orchard business, we’re only a two-minute drive from the conveniences of daily life, like running errands or driving the kids to school. It’s truly a unique location that provides an unparalleled blend of convenience and rural living that I haven’t found elsewhere, to have a fully functioning boutique orchard business. (Logan Brae Orchard).

2. Where are your favourite places to eat and shop?

When it comes to dining out in Blackheath, my top choices are Ates and Blaq. They offer a wonderful culinary experience coupled with the right ambiance. For a quick coffee or a breakfast catch-up with friends, I always head over to Hounslow. When it’s time for some gourmet delicacies, This Little Piggy Deli is always on my list. As for baked goods, Black Cockatoo in Katoomba is my go-to place. And, last but not least, as a self-proclaimed hat enthusiast, I consider myself to be The Hattery in Katoomba’s most loyal customer.

3. How would you spend a perfect day in your town/city?

For a weekend with friends, we love to head over to Megalong Valley Wineries with a picnic blanket. The stunning view is a sight to enjoy as we savour the local wines and enjoy a cheese platter. As a horse rider, I find Centennial Glenn to be a perfect spot for a ride. It’s conveniently located just down the road from our orchard shop, Logan Brae Orchard, where we grab an apple pie and hot spiced juice. As the sun sets, we gather around the fire pit, soaking up the ambiance. The mountains are replete with endless hiking trails. Being surrounded by nature is an intrinsic part of our outdoor lifestyle, and any opportunity to explore the outdoors is a must for a day out.

4. What is your favourite thing about your town/city?

The sense of friendliness in this community is unparalleled. A simple smile and greeting from everyone is the norm, making it a delight to live and run a business here.

5. Any other local insider secrets we should know about?

Venturing down the other side of the mountain offers access to some amazing spots. From the Newnes Glow Worm Tunnels to the tranquil Mayfield Gardens, the rejuvenating Japanese Bathhouse, the ancient Jenolan Caves, and Lake Lyell, the list of destinations is endless. For the fishing enthusiasts, there are several great spots for Trout fishing in the area. And, of course, no visit to the mountains is complete without experiencing the luxury of Logan Brae Retreats. Our unique and special accommodation is an absolute must-try for anyone seeking a truly memorable  stay.

About Logan Brae Retreats

It all started with a 100-year-old apple orchard on Shipley Plateau in Australia’s majestic Blue Mountains. Logan Brae has always been a small family business. Perhaps it’s that unique care and love that helped it survive World War II, the Great Depression, the fires of 1952 and 2019, snow and hail storms and many hard farming lessons along the way. Over the years, Logan Brae has become a favourite destination for locals and visitors to the Blue Mountains. They come to enjoy the fresh apples, apple juices and apple pies while soaking up the history, ambience and stunning views. Logan Brae Retreats | @logan.brae.retreats

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