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How to Live a More Sustainable Life

With environment and sustainability top of mind for many of us, we caught up with Katie Williams, evian ‘Bottles from Bottles’ Brand Ambassador for her tips on how we can live a more sustainable life.

1. Educate yourself on sustainability first – awareness is step one!

If I’m not sure where to start, I find people who know more and can educate me and I find podcasts a great way to learn. Sustainability Defined is a great access point for any topic under the umbrella of sustainability. How to Save a Planet, Low Tox Life and A Sustainable Mind are also really interesting podcasts for someone who wants to learn about the issues at hand.

People can also watch documentaries to understand what’s going on around the world. I’ve watched The Game Changers, Our Planet and A Plastic Ocean and really recommend these.

evian ‘Bottles from Bottles

2. Listen to others, be open-minded and willing to learn

Starting an open conversation with friends and families is a great way to share tips and hacks on how to live a more sustainable life. By doing this, more people are aware of what they can do to help the planet.

Some tips I like to share with my friends and family include avoiding buying single use plastic, particularly water bottles. I have recently become the ambassador for evian’s range of bottles made from bottles which are made from 100% recycled plastic. evian has been progressively using rPET to replace virgin plastic in their water bottles and are using 5 times more recycled PET in bottles compared to 2015. It also reduces carbon emissions in the production process by as much as 50% compared with bottles made from virgin plastic.

Other tips include stop accepting disposable cutlery and napkins and choose biodegradable options instead. Save gift bags and boxes for future use. Use public transport or walk when you can. Even the day to day things such as turning off the lights when you leave the room can be really important steps to living a more sustainable life.

3. Recycle every day and learn how to do it properly!

Incorporate the 5 R’s of Recycling into your life! Refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose and last, recycle.

Refuse: Refuse anything we don’t really need. This is the first step to cutting down on our waste.

Reduce: Reducing goes along with refusing, in terms of thinking about what is needed and cutting out what is not. For example, bring your own bag to the grocery store or your own coffee cup to your cafe.

Reuse: Reuse comes before recycling, when possible we should see if items can be repurposed. For example, reuse old food jars, or juice glasses for making your own smoothies at home!

Repurpose: This method is also called ‘upcycling’. A lot of products serve more than one purpose. So get creative. For example, use coffee mugs or mason jars as pen stands or for storage.

Recycle: If we are unable to reuse items and they are recyclable, always recycle them, so the material is able to be converted into something new. It’s always great to buy products that you know are made from recycled materials such as the evian bottles made from bottles.

3. Take 3 for the Sea

Pick up rubbish at the beach every time you visit! Make this a habit every time you take a dip.

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