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How to Plan the Ultimate Weekend Trip to London

woman walking in london streets

London is the type of city you can visit over and over again but never run out of things to do. Globally, it’s also the fourth-most-expensive place in the world, so you may want to plan your trip carefully in advance. Here are the steps to consider.

1. Set a budget

Drawing up a travel budget for yourself beforehand can motivate you to be disciplined with your money. You can still have fun in London; you’ll just do a little bit more planning to make it happen! Break this down into travel, accommodation, food, attractions and extra spending.

woman walking in london streets
Photo by Cameron Gawn

2. Plan your travel

Think about how you’ll travel to London and how you’ll get about once you’re there. Look for cheap train tickets to London so your finances are still solid when you arrive. If you have a Railcard, did you know you can get this discount applied to an Oyster Card? The Oyster Card is available as an app too, so there’s no need to worry about losing it. Another benefit is that it is easier to track how much you’re spending on London’s public transport.

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Photo by Andrea De Santis

3. Book your accommodation

Different parts of London are suited to different people, and it all depends on what you want to get out of this trip. Sometimes it helps to book accommodation near the places you want to visit so you can reduce travel costs. It depends on what prices are like in those areas, though. If you want to experience the most fun side of London’s nightlife, you might enjoy a stay in Shoreditch. It’s also a real gold mine for vintage and boutique shops. And artsy venues and independent cinemas are available in rich supply.

If relaxation is the name of the game, stay near Hampstead Heath, Kensington or Epping Forest. The latter is a peaceful forest on the outskirts of London, perfect for walking and cycling. It is serviced by the Central Line, so staying close to a location on this tube route gives you easy access to it.

street in london with st pauls cathedral behind
Photo by Andras Stefuca

Choose attractions wisely

Do a little bit of research into the prices and travel routes you’ll need to access any attractions you want to see. If there’s a decent handful on your list, see if you could save money with the London Pass, Go City Explorer Pass or Merlin London Attractions Pass. It certainly doesn’t hurt to know what your options. Let’s face it, London isnt a cheap city so spontaneously diving into London without a plan often leads to overspending in ways you don’t need to.

big ben tower and palace of westminster from the bridge
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