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Luxurious Locations: 2023’s Most Opulent Travel Destinations

We firmly believe that the phrase “treat yourself” should be applied to our lives at every opportunity. Life is short and can be tough, so taking time to do things just because you want to do them is important. Traveling in luxury to the most lavish destinations worldwide is something spectacular you can do for yourself, creating memories that last a lifetime. Traveling to luxury destinations before 2023 is an excellent idea for many reasons. Explore new and exotic locations, learn about new cultures and ways of life, and become a more wise and learned individual, all while having the time of your life. If you need some inspiration, check out these Pinterest-worthy destinations.

Why Choose Luxury Travel?

For many people, their vacation only begins when they set foot in their accommodation at their destination: but why should you wait that long? Don’t let the luxury begin when you reach where you’re going; let it start with the flight out and only end when you reach your doorstep again. Booking a private plane to get you where you’re going means a more comfortable and convenient getaway. You can nap, play games with your friends and family, plan excursions or do anything else you like, rather than trying to get comfy squeezed into a tiny seat next to a stranger. If you choose a luxurious style of travel from start to finish, you’ll arrive at your destination and back home refreshed and ready to take on the world rather than cranky and tired.

2023’s Most Luxurious Destinations

Dubai – UAE

For those who love city life but are still adventurers and want the world at their fingertips, there can be no better destination than Dubai. The pure opulence of the city, its surroundings and the culture is second to none. This diamond in the crown of the UAE is famous for its shopping and incredible architecture. People who live or vacation here like the high life: exquisite clothing and jewelry, glittering nightlife, and seven-star service. Dubai even caters to you if you’d prefer to be out in nature, there are classic desert experiences like camel rides that have not changed in centuries and slightly more modern options like quad biking or 4×4-ing across the dunes. Spend time on the water with a marina tour or a charter boat if that’s more up your alley. The amenities at the airports in and around the city are also second to none, and there are VIP arrival services and private lounges for those disembarking from charter jets which add to the luster of the experience.

Image by Nextvoyage


For something on the other end of the scale, why not try the island life? When you think of an island escape, Mauritius is undoubtedly one of the first places that springs to mind – and with good reason. It is known as the jewel of the Indian Ocean, and everything about the island is as vivid and sparkling as any jewel could be. Where the seemingly endless peacock-hued waters meet the sand is where you’ll likely want to spend most of your time, but don’t forget about the lush forests and mangroves that offer days worth of exploration and entertainment. Several 5-star resorts on the island can facilitate outdoor exploration and relaxation but also provide meals by some of the world’s best chefs, spa days, and rooms fit for a king or queen.

Image by Dominik Ruhl

Cape Town – South Africa

If you like the sound of both the destinations above, why not choose the one place that can offer the best of both worlds? Cape Town, perched on the southern tip of South Africa, is a city banked by some of the world’s most stunning beaches, forests, winelands, and mountains to boot. If you’re willing to drive for a few hours outside the city, you can even make your way to the Karoo desert. Cape Town knows a thing or two about catering to luxury tourists. There are several luxury shopping options, with the V&A Waterfront being the best. Here you can buy clothing and find accommodation and meals of the highest quality. Cape Town is also known for its wine production, and there are several exquisite wineries to visit, all within more or less an hour of the city. If you like more of an adrenaline rush than shopping and sipping can offer, why not try paragliding off of Signal Hill, with the city spread out below you? Or shark cage diving in Kalk Bay? The range of luxury activities and experiences here is almost never-ending.

Image by Taryn Eliott

Traveling in the lap of luxury is about having the best experiences possible. It’s about seeing all of the most stunning sights in the world and experiencing all the cultures that accompany them. These experiences will enrich your life in ways you never expected and create lasting memories you can look back on for the rest of your life.

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