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Meet The Founders: Saskia Wotton and Dave Frim, Muma World

Meet Muma World co-founders Saskia Wotton and Dave Frim who share their inspiring fashion brand journey.

Tell us about the inspiration behind Muma World and your journey founding the label?

Muma is a nostalgic label, brought forward into the now. It was inspired by the classicism and grace of my grandmother, (‘Mumma’) and brought to life the colour of the world around us and our visions of the world. We wanted to highlight a place of meaning to us and capture and celebrate seasons in bloom, and those sensory moments experienced with each season. It’s that cusp of change between seasons that we also hope to capture – that edge of change, evolution, and excitement that comes with that shift and we hope this translates into an edge in our brand and clothing range.

How do you want your customers to feel when they wear Muma World?

Completely empowered and in their power. Muma World is the ornamentation of self – we truly believe there is a moment for Muma in everyone. Muma encourages individuality in styling, and is designed to be dressed up, or dressed down – styled minimally, as per our e-comm imagery, or maximally, like our campaign depending on your personal sense of style. We are always enthralled at how our community wear and style Muma, often seeing combinations we haven’t even dreamed up yet. There is longevity and versatility in that each can be styled differently every time they are worn, and also, each piece is designed to be worn with another in the range through our ‘evergreen’ tones of cream and green. The same can be said trans-seasonally, similar to the cycle of the seasons that inspired the flora, S01 pieces can be mixed with S02 pieces, for example.

What are some of the challenges you faced starting your own business in the competitive world of fashion?

Muma World is fortunate enough to have launched in a time where people have been craving colour, flair, fun and maximalist style – our unique approach allowed us to create noise and a following: our styles and prints demand attention and we believe this is why the business has been so successful. There is also versatility in the pieces: Muma can be loungewear or outerwear and can take you from the beach, to a long lunch, into a night out.

Working in a partnership can come with its unique challenges, how do you navigate decision making in your business?

The label was founded by Dave and myself and we work closely with a core team who we’ve been with for almost two years in bringing the designs to life, allowing us to be agile and decisive. Our decisions are made collaboratively – a formula that’s been our ultimate success as a business; something we look to capture and emulate as the brand matures.

How important has Social Media been in building your brand?

More than anything, Social Media has been the most valuable in demonstrating the wearability, color, texture and quality of the clothing as new brand – Muma’s fabrics are truly luxurious and it’s been paramount to give followers the insight and trust needed for their purchases with individual styling knowledge and tailored help, too. It goes without saying that Marketing and PR go hand in hand and we’ve been so fortunate to build both a loyal and organic following through events and our wholesaler relationships, too, and so the way our community wears and shares has been so wonderful to be a part of.

How do you balance sustainability priorities and commercial drivers for your brand?

Muma World is a boutique label that creates limited edition capsules in small quantities with an aim to sell out and never go on sale. We look to reduce wastage across all facets of production and e-commerce in this respect. Our signature pieces are to be treasured and move through life with you, and our core range ‘Evergreens’ is also designed to move through individual Muma seasons with you, always pairing back to S01, S02, S03, etc.

What’s next on the horizon for Muma World?

Muma World expands its horizons beyond our home and begins to venture out and into the world. Season Two begins soon, and we always suggest subscribing to enjoy the collection first.

Saskia Wotton and Dave Frim, Muma World

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