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My Weekend with Stacey Hollands, Founder of Lust Minerals

This week we chat to Stacey Hollands, founder of Lust Minerals and find out how she spends her precious family-focused weekends on Australia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast.


On weekdays, I am definitely an early riser. I love to get up and move my body before the day starts so I tend to do a workout or go for a walk or bike ride. I then start with having some warm lemon water followed by a protein smoothie. For me, self-care is definitely taking time to do my skincare and makeup routine as it definitely helps me to show up as my best self. Of course, I do this using all my Lust Minerals products, and juggling getting the kids organised which I love. I then make a quick hot Cacao. This is my coffee replacement as I am not a coffee drinker, and I love that it has added minerals in it. I then head off to work by 7:30am to start the day with my team.

Friday Night

On Friday, I’m usually home by 4pm from work and we tend to head straight down to the beach to spend the afternoon with the kids and our friends until sunset. We then get stuck into the evening routine of bath, story time and bed for our little ones. To wind down, I do my evening skincare routine (see below!) and then it’s quality time with my husband before we go to bed.

Saturday AM

Saturday mornings are slower mornings now that the kids are in school and kindy. The weekdays can get quite busy and tend to be rushed so we like to ensure we are also prioritising resting and recharging on the weekends. Usually, I’ll head for a walk with a girlfriend first, which is one of my favourite ways to spend a morning. We have so many incredible boardwalks along the beach on the Sunshine Coast, we are so blessed. After that, if we aren’t heading to school sports or a little friend’s birthday party, we usually head down to the beach with the kids for a swim and play by the water. This is a favourite of ours, and I love soaking up all these amazing memories with my family.

Saturday PM

Saturday evenings, you’ll usually always find us having dinner with friends either in the backyard or by the beach. A lot of our friends have kids who are similar in age to our two and they all get along so well which is beautiful to see. Nights like these fill my cup right up.

Sunday AM

We love a slow Sunday until everyone is up and ready to go for the day. We then tend to catch up with family and the kids’ grandparents. I love to try and head to the local markets for some fresh fruit and vegetables for the week, and I will also prep fresh juices to have in the mornings. Weekends are always so much fun. We definitely like to keep ourselves busy and spend time with the kids. The weekdays tend to get so busy that we really just value present time with the kids, as time is truly going by so fast.

Sunday PM

I am definitely a kombucha and watch the sunset kind of girl on a Sunday evening. The kids will join me and they love having our Vegan Beauty Crystals — Watermelon flavour, it’s great because little do they know, there are so many hidden vitamins and superfoods in there so at least I know they are getting their daily dose in! It’s then time to get sorted for the busy week ahead by preparing my calendar around work, appointments, school activities and after school activities etc. We need to ensure we structure and plan our weeks between myself, my husband and our nanny otherwise things can get a little chaotic with our busy schedules. Sunday nights are definitely for self-care. I always love to do a more in-depth beauty routine on a Sunday night and leave our AHA Exfoliating Solution on to really decongest and break down any dead skin so I feel fresh and glowy heading into the week ahead. Stacy’s Tip: it also really helps my makeup to go on smooth, and just look better throughout the day which I love!

Stacey Holland’s Lust Minerals Evening Skincare Routine

  1. Cleanse Skin with Superfood Gel Cleanser
  2. Apply AHA Exfoliating Lotion and leave on for 20 minutes
  3. Remove AHA and do a second cleanse
  4. Apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum to damp skin
  5. Follow with Vitamin B Serum
  6. Apply Vitamin C Serum
  7. Apply Peptide Moisturiser

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