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My Weekend With Brianne West, Founder of Ethique

Brianne West, the visionary behind Ethique, the worldwide plastic-free beauty brand, is redefining sustainable living one beauty bar at a time. With Ethique, she orchestrates a global movement that witnesses a bar finding a home every 18 seconds, revolutionizing our approach to beauty and planet care.

Beyond her groundbreaking work, Brianne resides on a serene lifestyle acreage nestled outside the vibrant city of Christchurch. Here, she has crafted a harmonious haven, a biodiverse sanctuary that extends its warm embrace to our reptilian friends with her skink-friendly ‘Dino domes.’ Her commitment to the natural world extends to her re-wilded lawn, meticulously designed to nourish insect life and coexist with her personal menagerie of animals.

Brianne’s environmental ethos echoes throughout her home, where sustainable choices thrive. She has seamlessly integrated eco-conscious solutions into every facet of her life, from pioneering underfloor solar heating to establishing a self-sustaining and energy-efficient household. Her dedication to a better world is not just a career but a way of life, inspiring us all to embrace the beauty of living in harmony with the Earth. We find out how Brianne spends her precious weekends.

Friday Night

Friday night is for finishing off work and a little relaxation. As I have lots of animals to look after on my lifestyle block the first thing on the agenda is making sure everyone is fed, warm and set up for the evening. Then I will do a workout or evening swim as I am lucky enough to have a home gym, then chill out with my dog and a good book!

Saturday AM

Saturday means an adventure! Living in Aotearoa means there is always something exciting to go and do when I’m not travelling. Diving is most typical, whether around Banks Peninsula or up in Kaikoura (or even better in the Poor Knights further up north.

Saturday PM

Diving is an all day event so after my second or third dive it’s typically mid-afternoon, so driving home, collapsing on the couch with exhaustion and reviewing footage from today’s dives! Then because I am obsessed with TikTok I like to make some short educational snippets about either sustainable business, or ocean conservation or something. Sometimes I get dragged out to socialise, but I’m getting too old for that now!

Sunday AM

Usually Saturday is my only proper day off as Sunday is podcast recording day (when it’s an episode with just me), module planning for my purpose-led digital community and education hub Business, but Better and no doubt emails or something for the product I’m launching next year, Incrediballs. It’s also lifestyle block maintenance day, whether it’s water blasting fences, clearing paddocks of horse poo, planting more plants in gaps, or just generally making sure everything is growing and thriving.

Sunday PM

I’m not a planner or a prepper, I don’t do meal prep (I wish, I’m just not built that way!). So Sunday evening I usually do some social media planning and production, get ahead of emails (okay, I try, I’m never ahead), work on some more of my diving or boating qualifications or some other study stuff, and go to bed super late as always!

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