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My Weekend with Brooke Pitt, Co-founder of Our Pilates

With a passion for health and wellness, Brooke Pitt, co-founder of Our Pilates has made it her mission to help others achieve their fitness goals through her innovative Pilates business. We chat to Brooke and find out how she spends her weekends and makes the most of her downtime to rejuvenate for her busy week ahead.

Friday Night

I love Friday nights. It’s nice to reflect on the busy week that has passed while starting to get into the mindset of switching off for the next few days. I am currently pregnant, so my weekends, in general, look a little different now. My husband’s family owns Hotel Sorrento, and they have a Friday night raffle, so I would usually head in for a spritz (soda water these days) to wind down, relax and catch up with friends. We would then either have a quick bite to eat at the hotel or get some takeaway Mexican to have at home on the couch with our gorgeous Golden Retriever, Freddie. 

Saturday AM

We wake up around 7 am, get a coffee from our favorite little cafe St Paul’s General Store, and then we go for a beautiful beach walk with Freddie. I come home and roll out my mat in my living room, airplay a class from Our Pilates app to my TV and take half an hour to move my body. I am feeling a little stiff as my body adapts to the changes of pregnancy, so our prenatal classes are perfect for helping my body get the movement it needs to feel energized and refreshed after a busy week of sitting at my desk. We then have my favorite health pancakes for breaky, read the paper together and then I usually do some therapeutic housework and washing while Myles heads off to work!

Saturday PM

We like to catch up with friends and family and head out for dinner. Our local RSL has the yummiest Thai food or we head to Shi Hui Shi for a nice meal if we feel like something with more atmosphere and vibe. If we don’t head out, my equally favourite thing to do is stay in and make homemade pizzas together. We often sit out on our deck in the fresh air if the weather is nice. We then take a block of chocolate to bed and watch some kind of Gordon Ramsay series in bed!

Sunday AM

My Sundays are much more active now that I am pregnant. We wake up around 7 and go for a big walk. Where we live, there are so many beautiful beaches, so we usually do a big loop which includes a beach swim for Fred and a coffee stop for us. I will then come home and do a quick 5-10 minute ‘mini’ class on Our Pilates app, like the ‘Hip Opener’, to stretch my body after the walk while Myles does a big bacon and egg cook-up on the BBQ. I do a little bit of work and upload our new weekly class planner to our website, so it’s available for our members to access, and then we usually visit the block of land we are about to build on to water our olive trees, or we head to the local market.

Sunday PM

I love Sunday nights; they are so wholesome. We like to cook a healthy meal or get takeaway pho from the local Vietnamese. We eat relatively early and end up heading to bed around 7:30. I do a little bit of self-care and apply a sheet mask while we watch a series or documentary in bed. I like to write a list of priorities in notes on my phone for the week ahead, so I feel like I have a game plan. It’s then phones down by 8:30pm, and time for sleep!

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