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Tips For Creating A Beautiful Bedroom Space

Read our tips on creating a beautiful bedroom space, guaranteed to help you get a good night’s sleep.

For many of us our bedrooms are purely functional. But given that we spend a third of our lives in them, finding ways to create a space that is calming, restful, peaceful and cosy is ideal. Here are our top tips.

1. Clean it up

There is no point trying to a create a beautiful bedroom unless you give your room a good spring clean and declutter first. Throw out or donate anything that no longer has a use or is something that you don’t love, clean windows, wash down walls and deep clean the floors. Starting with a fresh slate is a great way to get inspired to redesign your space.

2. Plan the space

From the best location for the bed, determining if your bedroom space needs to also double as a work area or lounge (hello studio apartments!) think about how your bedroom has to function and consider the space, try drawing up a plan before you commit to moving or buying any new furniture. Marking out the floor area with chalk with the bed dimensions is also a great idea as you will be able to determine how much space you have to play with. Try not to over fill the room, there is nothing worse than having to climb over bed to get to the door or having the bed pushed so far up against the wall that making it each morning is a challenge. After planning the space, make sure to plan ahead for any furniture transportation you need done and consider hiring local movers like Muval.

3. Use colour

There is nothing to say that you can’t have bold colours in your bedroom, although research would indicate that paler blues and greens are the most relaxing, your bedroom should still be a reflection of you and your tastes. Choose a colour palette and stick with it (read our tips here on how Christine Fuller from Cottage By The Coast uses colour palettes to help her choose furniture and decor).

4. Create sweet dreams

Let’s face it, your bed is where you will spend 90% of your time, so getting it right is key. Start with a good mattress as a foundation and build from there. Visit the best mattresses in Australia 2023 to find out your dream mattress that will complete your beautiful bedroom space. Take in to account the overall feel of your room, does the space suit a tall headboard? padded? wood? The headboard will have an impact on the overall look of your bedroom and provide the framing for the bed. Fluffy down filled doonas, luxurious pillows and quality linen are a must. But be cautious with pillows, ten cushions on a bed might look amazing, but could be a little impractical, do you really want to be taking them off and putting them back on every single day? If you have room for a cosy armchair, use that to showcase those extra cushions.

Choose quality pure linen or cotton with high thread count that will stand the test of time – it will be worth the investment in the long run.

5. Lighting and Window Coverings

Getting lighting right in the bedroom is critical, make the best use of natural light and windows and use warm light LEDs in lamps and overheads to create a softer glow for the room. Dimmers are great idea for the bedroom, so you can adjust your lighting depending on your mood and time of day. In-built lighting in headboards can also look great creating a more sleek, hotel style feel if you are decorating a more modern space.

We love soft draped full length linen curtains in bedrooms supported by a good blockout blind, but whatever your style is, consider how the curtains will fall and look in the room. If your window has to have furniture underneath it, blinds or shutters are a great option as they won’t interrupt the functionality of the furniture. Invest in the right curtain accessories including curtain rods and tie-backs as they will add a quality feel to your overall look.

6. Embrace Imperfections

Nobody needs 100% perfection in their life and definitely not in the bedroom, a slightly askew pillow, mismatched side tables or lamps, or unstructured throw rugs add personality to your room. It should feel homely and cosy, and somewhere that you would want to relax in at the end of the day.

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