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My Weekend with Daniel Kitay, Founder of Funday Sweets

This week we catch up with Daniel Kitay, founder of Funday Sweets, our new favorite way to enjoy a sweet treat without the sugar rush! Find out how Daniel spends his precious down time in Victoria’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Friday PM

Friday nights are a special time for me to connect with my wife Olivia and two-year-old daughter Willow. My family is Jewish, and Friday nights are spent with family enjoying a traditional Shabbat dinner filled with hot, delicious, and soul-warming chicken soup, challah bread and other delicious goodies. We enjoy spending time with our daughter and we typically let her stay up later so that we can all sit at the table and enjoy each other’s company. Ever since I can remember, Friday nights have been about spending time with the family eating and catching up on all the activities of the prior week and just general (and often passionate) conversation. As an avid cook, I really enjoy preparing roast chicken with vegetables, crispy roasted potatoes, and salads.. After such a busy week, when my head hits the pillow – I quickly fall into a deep sleep!

Saturday AM

Between my wife and I, we are up around 6:30am (or latest 7:30am) to attend to our daughter. We quickly get to making oats for her with banana and cinnamon (her favorite). Since moving down to the Mornington Peninsula, we’ve had friends and family stay with us most weekends so we will usually go for a long walk and end up at a café for breakfast, followed by one of the local markets. We tend to end up bouncing on the trampoline or out at a park and then home by 12pm for Willow’s midday nap!

Saturday PM

We are currently loving having bonfires in the early evening and roasting marshmallows. Willow absolutely loves it! I am exotic with food and love trying out new restaurants and bars, so Saturday evenings are usually spent out with friends testing out new dishes and enjoying a cocktail or two. I think it’s important to go out and have ‘adult time’ to ensure I maintain a healthy balance as most of my time is filled with work and our daughter. Unlike my earlier days, getting into bed now by 10pm or 11pm is wonderful and these days there’s not really any hangovers which makes waking up early on Sunday not too bad!

Sunday PM

I’m obsessed with my recent purchase – a Peloton. Riding on Sunday mornings is a great way to get my body moving! Usually after I make brekkie for everyone at home, it’s play time and we’ll end typically end up at an farm or somewhere outdoors to play for a few hours. When Willow has her midday nap, the fun begins – my wife and I are pretty flexible about who does what – but it’s time to clean up the house and do the laundry or head to the supermarket for groceries for the week ahead.

Sunday PM

After a busy weekend, we usually take the time to just chill out at home sitting on the couch watching one of the binge-worthy shows, indulging in some guilt free Funday Sweets (of course). Then it’s prep Willow’s bag for the morning and then it’s bedtime for the start of another busy week!

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