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Renovating for Wellness: How to Create Healthy and Harmonious Living Spaces

Planning a renovation this year? Whether you live in a busy family household or just with your partner, focusing on serenity is absolutely essential. Cluttered and chaotic interiors easily trigger stress and unpleasant feelings, but there’s more to creating a mindful layout than you might expect.

Alongside the mental health benefits of a clean home, understanding how to strike a balance between aesthetic appeal and genuine functionality could be vital. No matter where you are in your renovation project, it’s worth knowing how to create a healthy living space.

How is physical environment connected to wellbeing?

The link between our surroundings and our mental wellbeing is clear. When we feel overwhelmed by our surroundings, we’re much more likely to experience the signs and symptoms of stress. However, banishing clutter could be a simple step in beating the negative energy in your home. Restoring a sense of order is one of the critical steps to feeling better about the future, and it’s possible to organise your life by clearing out your home before you renovate.

When it comes to interior design and colour schemes, making intentional choices could contribute to a more balanced lifestyle for everyone at home. Luckily, we’ve compiled three of the best tips to help you create an inviting and functional space for peaceful coexistence.

How to design a harmonious layout at home

1. Focus on natural elements

The fundamental craving to be closer to nature exists within all of us. Whether you’re extending the kitchen into the garden or adding a balcony to the master bedroom, you should try to focus on merging your home interior with the great outdoors.

The concept of biophilic design seeks to integrate nature and greenery into indoor spaces. Using houseplants, cleverly installed skylight windows, and natural textiles into your renovation could be a brilliant way to keep a natural, calming atmosphere at home.

2. Reduce clutter, enhance flow

Addressing your clutter requires a lot of change, but it’s key to creating a functional home. If you just want to have a home that works for you, organising your belongings is one of the most critical steps involved.

Open spaces that encourage natural movement work brilliantly for all types of households. And if you can make use of bespoke, fitted storage solutions, you can keep the clutter at bay in a modern, stylish space.

3. Create a mindful kitchen and dining area

Kitchen design directly impacts your eating habits. When you focus on bright, airy, and sociable layouts in your preparation and dining areas, members of the household will feel encouraged to sit together and make healthier choices.

Transforming a smaller kitchen into a larger open-plan space could be a total game-changer. And if you’re hiring contractors to help you, getting covered with JCT insurance could help to keep you peace of mind. Change takes time and commitment, so you might need to focus on a few smaller things first to get started.

Before you embark on a major home improvement project, it’s crucial to ensure that you can still prioritise your health. Try to create sociable and spacious living spaces that nurture a sense of calm. Open-plan layouts, natural greenery and views of the outdoors make a genuine difference to any home.

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