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My Weekend with Founder of People Haircare, Katherine Ruiz

This week we catch up with the founder of People Haircare, Katherine Ruiz, and find out how this busy entrepreneur spends her downtime in the beautiful Victorian countryside.

Friday Night

Most Fridays are spent down at the farm in Forrest. We normally drive down on Thursday night so we can wake up there on Friday. The 2-hour drive gives us both a chance to catch up on the big week that has been and reconnect.  The moment we turn down the dirt road I find my body and nervous system instantly settles. I find it really helpful to have Fridays away from the studio where I can have uninterrupted time to work on projects that need longer periods of focus and concentration without interruptions. By Friday night I am ready to unwind and cosy up on the couch by the fire. We normally grab a pizza (my favourite food) on the drive down and grab extra so that there is enough for leftovers – so we’ll either be having that for dinner or we’ll cook something relatively easy.

Saturday AM

Aaron loves getting up early and I love a sleep in when I can make time for it! Normally Aaron is up before me pottering around, doing jobs around the farm and I’m up by 7.30am and out the door to head down to the local community gym where the local cop runs group fitness sessions for the town. We then head into town for a coffee before heading back home to collect the eggs from our three chooks. Aaron makes the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever consumed in my life – so normally that’s on the cards for breakfast. 

Saturday PM

When we feel like being “fancy” we’ll venture out of the house and head to our favourite pub, The Royal Mail in Birregurra. Normally we stay in and cook something together, as mentioned Aaron is an amazing cook so he normally takes the lead and I help out where I can. In the summer months we like to sit out on the deck and watch the sunset. 

Sunday AM

I’m the best version of myself when I spend time on Sunday preparing for the week ahead, it’s something I really enjoying doing and I know the difference it makes to my mental state for the upcoming week. That normally means planning our meals for the week and doing a big shop together so neither of us have to think about it during the week. Our weeks are normally jam packed when we are in Melbourne so having this organised ahead of time makes a massive difference to how I feel. Both of us will also spend an hour or two doing some work. I’ll plan out my week and move anything around that I think is unrealistic so I can mentally prepare for what kind of week I have ahead of me. 

Sunday PM

Time to wash my hair! I really do have to schedule and plan when I wash my hair, I have a lot of hair so it takes time. My hair can last up to two weeks without having to wash it so by the time it’s wash day it is well and truely ready. I alternate between using People Haircare (of course) Smooth Shampoo or Hydrate Shampoo. Because I don’t wash my hair often I normally swap out the conditioner for the Hair Treatment Mask to give it that extra TLC. Currently we’re testing a range of new products so I also use this time to test these on my own hair. We always try and eat early on Sunday nights so we can get a good sleep ahead of the week. Before Aaron I was lucky to be in bed before 11pm, now we are lights out by 9.30pm!  

About Katherine

Katherine Ruiz is the founder of People Haircare. Katherine has established herself as a formidable industry leader and a role model for women in the beauty industry. She has started a business with a passion for haircare, where she loved just doing her own hair but wanted to provide Aussies with salon-quality products at affordable prices that are accessible to Australians around the country. Shop the range here.

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