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My Weekend with Jessica Peris, Founder of The Beautique and By The Be

Jessica Peris is the founder of Canberra’s renowned beauty studio The Beautique, the embodiment of a happy place that encourages creativity, self-love and expression. Driven by these principles and innate desire to bring happiness to those around her, Jess launched BY THE BE.; a wellness brand possessing a curated collection of small batch self-care oils and ritual items that seek to enhance the connection between body and mind. We catch up with Jessica and find out how she spends her weekends in Australia’s capital, Canberra.

Friday Night

I love a Friday night in, so I’ll treat myself to Uber Eats (my go-to is the Betty’s Classic Plant burger) and have a bath. I’ll use our BY THE BE. bath soak or milk, plus a mixed concoction of oils that I’ve either made as tests or mistake batches. I never let products go to waste, and these always end up smelling amazing! Just before bed, I’ll apply our Obscure Hand and Cuticle oil, my favourite for self-love and healing. 

Saturday AM

I’ll usually head in early to The Beautique to open. Saturday energy is always buzzing, and I love starting my weekend there. I am very fortunate to have an amazing team, so I like to be present as much as possible and be amongst all the good vibes. You’ll find me floating around, helping out, chatting to clients and capturing content for a few hours. Depending on the weather, I’ll walk to work with my Japanese Spitz Kobe, aka the ‘White Cloud’ and our unofficial ‘Concierge’. 

Saturday PM

On Saturday evenings I’m often catching up with friends or family for dinner, either at our respective homes followed by a movie or out at one of Canberra’s many amazing eateries. My favourites include Monster, which has the most delicious and progressive vegetarian menu, or Gang Gang, a hidden suburban cafe that hosts live music and has incredible, wholesome dishes. I recently tried their mussels with focaccia, and I cannot stop thinking about it!

Sunday AM

After a little sleep in, I’ll sit with a coffee in my ‘plant room’, which used to be my old home salon. It’s at the front of the house and has the most amazing light in the morning. It’s now filled with plants, an old piano, art, and vintage knick-knacks I’ve collected from various places near and far (incl. one of my favourite stores Dirty Jane’s). Spending a slow moment in there reminds me of where I’ve come from, and makes me feel very grateful. Depending on the week, I might head to the markets for a little walk around or for some fresh produce and treats. I might also do some cleaning, meal prep, and gardening. I enjoy spending time at home, so unless I have plans I will generally end up doing whatever I feel like on the day. 

Sunday PM

I love to spend time in the afternoon being creative, as I feel it really helps balance my mind. I recently learned how to make recycled paper, which I’ve been making from paper towels used in BY THE BE. lab. It maintains the scent of essential oils and looks like old map paper you see in movies, with beautiful texture and rough edges. I’m thinking one day I’ll paint small pictures on them or make pressed flower collages. Even though I’m unsure what I’ll use them for, the process is very rewarding. I pop on a chill Spotify playlist, light a Maho Sensory incense stick and get into a deep flow. I also try to meditate or do some breath-work exercises, play around on the piano, and do things that completely relax and ground myself into the moment. 

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