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Three Amazing Road Trips To Experience In The UK

Holidays can be expensive, and with financial concerns high on the list of household stresses at present, conventional holidays have become a bridge too far for many household this summer. Enter the classic road trip!

Domestic holidays have seen a big uptick in general over the last few years, but there are some key contenders emerging as the next big thing – whether for family holidays or trips with friends. One of these is the humble-yet-magnificent road trip, as a non-traditional alternative that marries the wonders of the open road with the sights and sounds of places new.

Planning A Trip

Road trips can be profound experiences, whatever form they take. They can also be affordable, although there are some unique considerations that need to be made to ensure safety in travel. For example, if you are travelling in group more than one of you should be able to drive with one of your party taking out short term car insurance and make it much safer to boot.

You also need to think carefully about the provisions you bring with you. Long drives without guaranteed rest stops make carrying water a necessity, as well as some light snacks to keep you well fed. Between this and your standard car emergency kit, you can keep yourself safe while organising the domestic holiday of a lifetime. But what kind of trip could you organise?

The Scenic Route

Road trips are unique opportunities to seek out the best landscapes the British Isles has to offer, with some routes purpose-built to awe you at every turn. One of the more exhilarating of these routes is the North Coast 500, which traces the coastline of Northern Scotland before ducking through Highlands. Torrid seas and starkly dramatic rocky coasts give way to edificial mountains and glistening glacier lakes, courtesy of winding B-roads that connect remote fishing villages and coastal towns.

Alternatively, you might seek the quieter, gentler splendour of the Jurassic Coast on the opposite side of Britain. Here, gleaming chalk cliffs and golden sandy beaches stipple a route that also enjoys the rolling hills of the South-West.

A Culinary Adventure

Another phenomenal excuse to road-trip comes in the form of food and drink. The Michelin Guide was initially created as a travel guide, as opposed to a coveted marker of culinary success! If Michelin-starred food is a bit rich for your blood, coastal trips can take you through seaside staples and local cuisine. On the drinks side of the equation, Scotland wins again; a tour of the Hebrides gives way to an exploration of its rich whisky history.

History in the Making

Finally, your road trip could be historically focused. The UK has experienced a great deal of history in its time, from Neolithic settlements to Roman rule, and from the Normans to the nobility of the 17- and 1800s. All of it is there to explore in Britain’s landscape, too – try a road trip along Hadrian’s wall, or the Roman roads of the South-West. You could even do a castle tour of Wales!

Whatever destination you choose, the beauty of a road trip in the UK is the travel itself, relax and take in the beautiful countryside and you let the stress of everyday life and the world slide past you.

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