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My Weekend with Kowsh Rawson, Founder of Kiko Design and Alokaia

Spending your days surrounded by flowers seems like a dream! For Kowsh Rawson it is a day to day reality as a floral designer and founder of Kiko Design and Alokaia. We catch up with Kowsh and find out how she spends her precious weekends.

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Friday Night

Friday nights are a mixed bag. Either we are flowering away in the studio in preparation for weekend events or winding down from a big week had. As Fridays are a market orning we’re always out of the studio fairly early. I’m Sri Lankan and usually don’t have the time to prepare Sri Lankan food as its usually 5 to 6 dishes at minimum! So we grab some local takeaway and are back at home in time for a wine and a relaxed bedtime routine for our little girl. 

Saturday AM

When we have the luxury of having a weekend off, it’s a slow start. A chance to catch up on some of the lost sleep from the week’s market runs, lots of snuggles in bed with bub, she’s currently 2 and at a really fun age so we’re making the most of this time with her. My husband makes a killer chilli egg avocado and I take our dog, Finnegan for a walk to the local to grab our coffees, nothing happens before coffee!

Kowsh and her family. Image: @charlotteextonphotography

Saturday PM

Gone are the days where we’re out on a Saturday night! These days it’s usually a night in. Saturdays are when I really take the time out for some self care, long showers, an extensive skin care routine to make up for all the mornings where we rush out the door at 4 am. Some of favourites at the moment are  Medik8Dr.Jart Masks , Baume 27 and La Prairie. My husband, Josh and I have been together for a decade now and we’re both creatures of habit. We love cooking together and usually its Italian on the menu and once dinner is done and bubs is asleep we roll up onto the couch and watch a movie or chat about the week or the week ahead. It’s really the only time during the week where it’s just us.

Sunday AM

I’m usually the first one up on a Sunday, I love to start the day with a session of Align Pilates by Bailey Brown and a long walk with Finn. I’ve always been a morning person and I’m a huge animal lover so for me it’s a wonderful gentle start to the morning and good reset from the whole week past.  We love spending Sundays with friends and Family whether we meet them out and about or they spend the day in our home just chilling and eating.

Sunday PM

Sunday nights tend to be busy, most of the time our extended family is over, so it’s a guaranteed full house, full bellies, lots of laughs. We always have Mondays off so one could argue that Sundays are kind of our Friday nights. 

To see more about Kowsh you can visit her Instagram here, and visit here to see Kiko Designs creations or shop the Alokaia candle range.

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