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My Weekend with Renee Douros, Creator of Adytum

Renee Douros, creator of Australian wellness and leisure brand Adytum, drew inspiration from her Greek Macedonian heritage while conceptualising her wellness business. Her vision was to seamlessly blend ancient healing practices that trace their roots back to Ancient Greece with stunning architectural designs inspired by the monolithic shapes and sandstone hues of Hellenic ruins.

Renee developed a passion for health and wellness during childhood at her mother’s hair and beauty salon. There, she witnessed the transformative effects of wellness practices on community well-being, leisure, and self-care. As an entrepreneur, Renee strives to create unique and meaningful brands that enrich the daily lives of consumers and stand out for their innovation. When she’s not managing Adytum, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and three children Rose, Dimitri, and Eva. Join us as we find out how Renee spends her weekends.

Friday Night

Friday night marks the end of the school and working week in our household and is gloriously commitment-free. I’ll pour a St Ali Espresso Martini, my husband will grab us a takeaway from the local taqueria, the kids pick a movie and we all unwind on the couch.

Saturday AM

I always start the day with an ONA coffee and a bush walk with our Golden Retriever, Ernie. I then try to head to Adytum for a quick, 30 minute sauna and cold-pail session, this little break provides me with a very rare moment of silence. If the weather is good, I’ll also spend some time in the garden.

Saturday PM

Saturday night is super relaxed for us, sometimes we’ll go out with the kids for a casual dinner, they love Brodburger. If we can find a sitter, my husband and I will visit one of the very many amazing restaurants in Canberra for a date night or dinner with friends, eightysix and Corella are long-time favorites. 

Sunday AM

Sunday is devoted to cleaning and prepping everyone in the household for the week ahead. I strip and wash all of the beds, infusing the wash with a few drops of Country Road linen oil so they come out smelling heavenly. I love baking on a Sunday too, I’ll try to make either a sweet or savoury muffin that I can throw into the kid’s lunchboxes during the week. 

Sunday PM

If there’s a wellness or movement class at Adytum I will try to attend, as I find mindfulness classes really effective in getting me in the right frame of mind for the week ahead. We’ll also usually have our family over for Sunday dinner…always a Greek Lamb slow cooked all day by my husband. 

About Adytum

Adytum is a serene holistic health and wellness retreat based in Canberra, offering visitors a place to immerse themselves in ancient rituals of self-care and indulgence. A complimentary refreshments cafe and a self-care and wellness store are immersed within the sanctum. As well as a full-service Day Spa, there is a movement lounge hosting everything from Qigong and Yoga through to Sound Baths, a holistic health clinic, and a highly coveted Bathhouse that offers guests a thermotherapy experience with a hot rock sauna, mineral pool and a cold pail shower. Pure indulgence. To see more visit