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My Weekend With Sophie Doyle, Founder of The Fable

After leaving her marketing exec role at L’Oréal due to burnout, Sophie Doyle, who always had a preference for silk shirts, set out to create her own. After a year of trial and error, she founded The Fable, a cult silk line made of chic, machine-washable and crease-resistant blouses, tops and shirts. We catch up with Sophie and find out how she spends her precious weekend downtime.

Friday Night

Friday used to generally involve a big night out, but since having our son, a glass of chardonnay at home is typically more what ends up happening. Having said that, I’ll take any chance I get to head out with girlfriends for a couple of wines. Our Sydney neighborhood has lots of great watering holes. The London in Paddington is a local favourite.

Saturday AM

I love a good Pilates class. Reformer is my favourite. I’ll often head to a class with some girlfriends then have a latte catch-up after. Between work and mum life, these catch-ups with friends are scarce, so I really appreciate them when I can get them. I also love Elixr at Bondi Junction and have been going for years.

Saturday PM

My husband and I will often be out with friends. We love good local restaurants but will happily venture further afield, too. 

Sunday AM

We take our 10-month-old son to his swimming class and always have family brunch afterwards. It’s become a newfound tradition that we love very much.

Sunday PM

Sunday afternoons and evenings are always set aside for relaxing. Weekdays are busy in our house, so we always look forward to Sundays to have some downtime and unwind. I’ll often cook dinner in the afternoon – a slow roast is a favourite. Enjoying a glass of Pinot and a Netflix series in the evening are always high on the list, too.

The Fable Silk Shirt

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