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How To Declutter A Room In 5 Easy Steps

By Leanne Shelton

Are you sick of the inescapable mess in your home? Not only can clutter create feelings of guilt – it also inhibits productivity and creativity. And those are two undesirable traits when working from home. In our current crazy climate, decluttering rooms is a form of self-care. It means removing the ‘stuff’ you no longer need – and creating more opportunities for a clear headspace. Here’s how you can declutter a room in 5 easy steps:

Step 1 – Completely Empty The Space

Yes, get every single thing out of the room. Well, apart from the heavy pieces of furniture! You’ll probably find items you can throw away immediately – without a second thought. Other items will be must-haves. But don’t overthink anything at this stage.

Step 2 – Decide How You Want The Room To Look

Do you want to move the desk so it’s closer to the window? Or remove that weary cupboard? Think about your vision of the room and its future functionality. It will make the cull simpler later on. 

Step 3 – Group Similar Items Together

Have a mountain of jackets or notebooks scattered throughout the room? Bring them all together so they’re with their buddies. You’ll then be able to tell if one item is preferred over another.

Step 4 – Sort Everything In To Three Piles

Create 3 piles – a ‘Love it’, ‘Use it’, and ‘Discard it’ pile. With inspiration from the decluttering queen, Marie Kondo, pick up each item and ask yourself if it “sparks joy”. If it does, allocate it to the ‘Love it’ pile. Some things, like your printer, mightn’t get you excited – but you use it all the time. Other items, like gimmicky gifts, can face their fate in the ‘Discard it’ pile.

Step 5 – Put The Room Back Together

After decluttering all the excess stuff, it’s time to rebuild the room based on your vision in Step 2. You know exactly what you have – and know any gaps you need to fill. Once you’ve put everything back in an organised manner, you can sit back and enjoy that awesome sense of achievement. Remember, you don’t have to manage everything all the time! Consider hiring house cleaners near you, especially when your schedule becomes hectic.

For room inspiration, check out Pinterest. You might have some of your own images to add sometime soon!

Leanne Shelton is a health and wellness copywriter and content coach at Write Time Marketing. (www.writetimemarketing.com.au)

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