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My Weekend with Tash Coggan, Founder of Slow House and Remedi Room

This week we chat to Tash Coggan, the founder of Slow House and Remedi Room located in famous Bondi, and find out how someone who prioritizes the art of slowing down applies this philosophy to her weekend routine. As the founder of two wellness-focused businesses, Tash has made it her mission to help people find inner peace and tranquility through mindfulness and a slower pace of life. Join us as we explore Tash’s weekend rituals and discover how she embraces the art of slowing down in her personal life.

Friday Night

Friday nights are usually our night at home to catch up on the week. I usually come home from work around 4pm, check in with my husband for dinner and then pick something up on the way home. We share custody of his 3 children so if it’s a weekend with them it’s very often our cheat night of Pepperoni Pizza! Before that though, we love to pour a glass of wine and spend some time all together either swimming in the pool until the sun goes down more recently with this heat wave or hitting the hot tub on the cooler nights! Then it’s pizza and a movie, very chill!

Saturday AM

I am a huge Saturday morning refresh kind of girl! I love waking up every Saturday to reset the house! That means fresh sheets, vacuumed floors, windows cleaned and sometimes I’ll even nominate myself as wife of the year and tackle the lawn! Haha. In between this my husband is usually cooking something yummy for breakfast before he’s off running around to sports with the kids for most the day. I’ll walk my Golden Retriever Harvey and then ill either head to work for a few hours or spend the day with some friends!

Saturday PM

Depending on the week, I like to keep it relatively low key on weekends these days, but I don’t mind having a wine with some girlfriends and getting a yummy dinner somewhere local, our favorite is Raw Bar in Bondi or a yummy Mediterranean feast at Ikaria, they also have the best cocktails!

Sunday PM

We usually spend Sundays as a family, on weekends with or without the kids it’s a very slow start, making breakfast at home, my husband has lately been watching the NBA season so that’s the soundtrack of my home at the moment, opening all the doors and just simply spending time in the house or by the pool. Lately we have spent almost every Sunday by the pool all day, this weather has been incredible! I made a promise to myself to read more this year, so I have been reading a bit on Sunday mornings too!

Sunday PM

Sunday afternoons I like to set myself up for the week, grab some groceries, organize my PT sessions at Acero, check my schedule for the week and then have an afternoon sauna at home before dinner and some reality tv! (my fav!) I am also travelling soon to the US with some girlfriends to visit LA, NYC and Palm Springs so we have been doing a lot of planning of the trip together on weekends lately!

About Tash

Founder of Slow House and Remedi Room Tash has successfully turned a lockdown pastime into a wellness movement. Within its first week of opening, Slow House was completely booked out with a waitlist of eager clientele. With Tash’s mantra of ‘slower-living,’ Slow House has gone from strength to strength, quickly building a cult following in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Off the back of its success, Tash launched Remedi Room this year from their Bondi location catering to the holistic needs of Sydney’s urbanites. Sydneysiders have a reputation for always being ‘on,’ and it’s no surprise that Slow Room and Remedi Room will continue to excel offering a fit-for-purpose sanctuary away from their busy lifestyles.

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