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Discover the Best of Australia: Experience Unforgettable Holidays in an Australian-Made Caravan

One of the best ways to travel around Australia is with a caravan! We chat to Sunrise Caravans about why Aussie made caravans are so impressive.

Australia is an amazing country rich in sensational landscapes and captivating scenery. With so many Instagram-worthy destinations, it’s no surprise adventurers from all over the country are hitting the road more than ever before for the ultimate trip of a lifetime – in caravans! 

Caravanning is fast becoming a quintessentially Australian way to holiday – and what’s not to love with the freedom that comes from being able to set off and stop wherever you like for as long as you like without pesky packing or lost luggage?

From immersive and stunning outback vistas to waking up on a magnificent beach with a morning cup of tea and sand in between your toes, there is something truly special about falling asleep to the sound of waves and waking up to a kookaburra song. Australia is diverse and beautiful enough to offer new memories on every trip.

What better way to hit the winding, patchwork quilt of Aussie roads than in an Australian-built caravan made as tough as a stockman’s RM boots? True Australian-made caravans are fast gaining popularity across the growing vanning community, but sometimes it can be hard to know the difference.

Sunrise Caravans

Steve, affectionately known as Caravan Steve from Sunrise Caravans, explains why Aussie caravans are becoming so sought after.

“Australian-made caravans are faster to build, we have more control over the manufacturing process, clients get to design the van they really want, and more importantly – it means all of our parts are sourced here to support local businesses and are built to survive the tough ever-changing Australian conditions. Travellers get a better quality van, and it’s also faster.”

Sunrise caravans proudly boast that they don’t import their caravans, they’re all made in Australia, and all parts are locally sourced. Even the chassis is made to order with Australia steel. It’s no wonder all this has delivered Sunrise Caravans a fiercely loyal customer base who even go on to buy their second and third vans with them as their needs change.

If supporting local quality isn’t a big enough drawcard, as a bonus you can have your dream van packed and in your driveway in 3 months. With all the adventure-ready, sunshine-seeking new caravanners ordering during lockdowns, some antsy travelers are still waiting up to 18 to 24 months for other brands.

Sunrise Caravans, located north of Brisbane, provide the best options under one roof, and being family owned and operated have got a knack for making you feel like a VIP amongst friends. Their extensive range, including off-grid, off-road, family, and luxury, allows you to customize your travel experience depending on your budget and lifestyle preference. 

Whether it’s a luxurious model packed with all the latest tech and gadgets or an economical option that offers flexibility of travel – each of their caravans is crafted for peak performance in rugged Australian conditions.

Sunrise Caravans

Reach out to Sunrise Caravans to find the perfect caravan for your next adventure and get out there!

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