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Over 50? This Is How To Stop Worrying And Love Tech

Life has been a whirlwind for the boomers. No one told us about computers in high school or about YouTube and social media. After spending the 1990s trying to adapt to big beige boxes at home and at work, now we have slim slabs of silicone in our pockets, making us constantly contactable and our lives more stressful. It’s all fun and games on the family group chat until we accidentally delete the whole thing.

As the kids and grandkids might say, don’t be a hater. Embracing a little technology here and there can actually be a big benefit to your life after 50, and it’s not too hard to get your head around how to solve some common problems. Hug the robots, they come in peace (maybe!).

Safety First

Today’s tech can feel like a bit too much sometimes, but every cloud has a silver lining. Being constantly connected can make your cell phone ping like an elevator going up and down all day, but having the ability to get hold of someone when you need them can be reassuring at times. The downside is that they can get hold of you easily too, and pretty soon, you’re running errands that aren’t yours for a child who is middle aged.

Home security cameras and doorbells can give you an extra layer of security, and giving your kids some limited access to them over the internet can give everyone some extra peace of mind. They can look after your home while you are away on a trip and keep an eye on things, and if they’re worried about you, they can take a look online a see if you are home.

Live Long, And Prosper

The medical technology we were promised decades ago is finally on the horizon. Preventative medicine has the potential to slash your healthcare costs by treating conditions before they happen. Wouldn’t that be nice? Preventing diseases is much cheaper to do than treating them, plus you don’t get sick. Win, win. Sequencing your genetics can help doctors understand which diseases you are more likely to experience in your lifetime and help you make changes that will reduce risk.

Your family history is something a doctor always asks about. Well, your DNA knows more than you do. One of the most powerful types of this tech is Sanger Sequencing, which laboratories like Source BioScience use for ‘predictive genetic testing’. Using their next-generation gene technology, they can assess a person’s chances of developing cancer, for example, including specific types of cancer like breast cancer. Healthcare providers can use this information to make preventative treatment plans and include regular screening in a patient’s ongoing medical treatment.

Learn Something New Every Day

Bored? Me too. When everything is done for the day, it can be hard finding things to get interested in after all these years. But that’s a lie. We all have long lists of what ifs and should ofs hanging around in our heads. You can learn any skill on social media. Anything. Want to be a better singer? Learn how on YouTube. Need to take on a handyman task in the home? There is a video for it. Whatever you want to do, or whatever you are into, there are hours of videos, an endless library of information on your chosen subject available online, and huge groups of people who share your passion. Why not find out more, and make some new friends? You’re never too old to learn some new tricks.

Tech is more than a tool, it’s a friend. Treat it right, and it will look after you. Stop worrying about tech, and learn how to love it and use it to make your everyday life that little bit easier.

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