Getting The Groove Back: Tips For Managing Low Libido As We Get Older

Feeling a little low lately? The worst aspect of ageing is feeling like parts of you are wilting away, and that sometimes you don’t know what you had until the feeling isn’t there anymore. Libido is one of these things, you can start wondering where it’s gone after a while.

Never fear, some top tips are here to help you get your groove back and put a spring in your step. Who knows where life’s oldest dance will take you? Let’s feel the rhythm again.

Good Times Are Worth Losing Weight For

Trimming the excess pounds can help you regain and maintain your libido in many ways. Getting a little lighter boosts confidence increases stamina, and gets rid of excess weight that can affect your hormonal balance. Carrying excess weight can lead to reduced blood flow, affecting the ability to achieve and maintain arousal in all genders.

If losing weight and improving your health is not a good enough reason for you, maintaining sexual performance should do the trick and get you in the gym. You can achieve and maintain a healthy weight, positively impacting your libido. Regular exercise promotes better circulation while increasing your endorphin production, which can enhance desire and pleasure.

Get By With A Little Help From A Friend

As we age, hormonal changes can significantly affect libido. A decline in hormones like testosterone and estrogen happens every passing year, bringing an inevitable decrease in desire. You can re-enflame the fires of passion with hormonal support that brings balance back to your libido.

For men, testosterone replacement therapy or natural supplements can help restore hormone levels and improve libido. Women have more hormone replacement therapies available to them, like low-dose bioidentical testosterone cream.

These simple hormonal treatments are perfect for treating low libido in women. Hormones+You can put the power in your hands by making a discrete delivery to your door. Using their testosterone cream regularly can even help women achieve long-term relief from symptoms, letting them enjoy their libidos without any little help from HRT.

Not Enough Rest For The Wicked

Quality sleep plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy libido as you age. A sleep deficit will cause hormonal imbalances, up your stress levels, and makes you feel, well, tired. All of these can cause you to have a low libido and struggle to feel enthusiastic about your desires or activity.

During sleep, the body repairs and rejuvenates itself, including the production and regulation of hormones related to desire. Work, rest, then play. It’s simple enough, but there is nothing like a good night’s sleep to help give you an energy boost in the daytime and at night. Or the afternoon if that’s your thing. Get some extra snooze time to help you get your groove back.

Nature finds a way. Whether it is scientific discovery, old-school fitness measures, or just getting more rest for more play, these top tips should help your libido hear the music again and before you know it your heart will be filled with desire again, and you’ll be dancing to its beat.

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