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Tips On How To Drive Safely In Summer

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Most of us are just waiting for the holiday season to come around, whether it’s for the better weather or more light hours in the day to spend with loved ones. Yet unfortunately, accidents are more common during the warmer months of the year for many reasons, such as the number of inexperienced drivers on the road and the extra demands on your car due to increased travel and extreme temperatures. With this in mind, you want to take all the necessary precautions to ensure your health and safety on the road this summer. Here are some helpful industry tips that can keep you driving safely these upcoming summer months.

Extra maintenance

Extreme weather like hot temperatures can have adverse effects on your car parts, so it’s essential to keep up with maintenance. Before hitting the road this summer or going on long journeys, there are some maintenance checks to do. First things first, you should check your tires as they change with rising temperatures. Under or overinflated tires could cause a crash so use the 20p trick to check.

Other checks include changing your oil and oil filters and checking your brakes. These are important safety features on your car and you don’t want to put your family or passengers at risk. Make sure levels are up to standards and you can have your brake linings checked at your local service shop.

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It’s better to be overprepared rather than underprepared and you’ll be grateful that you expected the unexpected in the case of an emergency. First things first, you need to be protected by car insurance in case of an accident. You can choose from a wide selection of coverage, and you could be provided with financial protection if an accident does occur. You can also ensure that your vehicle is stocked up on safety and maintenance kits, so you’re prepared for any scenario. These include first aid kits and puncture repair sets.

Stay alert

Summertime is a busy period for many of us so there is likely to be more people on the road than in other parts of the year. This also comes with the added caveat of a higher likelihood of collisions and accidents so you must be more alert than you would be usually. Statistics show that driver fatigue causes many thousands of road accidents each year and 4% of fatal collisions in Britain.

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Watch the weather

British weather is unpredictable, so it is important to regularly check the forecast before you travel. Extreme weather conditions such as flash floods, strong winds, and thunderstorms can quickly derail travel plans, even in the summer. Downpours can happen with little to no warning, so you should ensure you know the forecast before you head out on a long journey.

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