What to Pack for a Motorhome Trip

Swapping out a conventional flight for a road trip in a motorhome instead? Last yearts, the number of new motorhome registrations reach around 11.6 thousand, which shows that the activity is prevalent, likely facilitated by the popularity of staycations during the pandemic especially. If you are new to motorhomes and not sure what to pack, here are some suggestions to get you started.  

Driver’s license and insurance papers 

Admin is key and shouldn’t be forgotten about when you’re setting off on a road trip. You should have your driver’s licence with you so that you can display it at any time. And of course, you should take out sufficient motorhome insurance for added peace of mind – be sure to bring any documentation with your for the trip. You never know when you might need to check the policy wording, or use the details to contact your insurer.

Kitchen equipment 

With a motorhome, you can enjoy the luxuries of having a kitchen unlike classic camping. That means you’ll need to remember to pack essential cooking utensils, such as pots and pans, as well as crockery like plates. Don’t forget the all-important cutlery, including sharp knives for chopping. Have an idea of the types of meals you’ll be cooking and plan around these. Making a pasta bake? You’ll need a baking container, a kettle and a colander. Items like scissors will come in handy for opening packets too. 

Gas bottles 

Planning to use gas indoors? Remember to pack butane, which comes in cylinders that are less pressurised, compared to propane, which is typically used in colder climates. Remember, any gas should be turned off when travelling!

GPS and maps

While you’d hope that there’s signal for Google Maps, it’s sensible to pack a GPS and physical map, just in case. Getting a little lost and getting yourself back on the right track is a rite of passage when embarking on a motorhome holiday, so it’s a good idea to get a handle on this and review the route before travelling. Plus, if you get familiar with the route before you set off, you can factor in any stop-offs so that you can take a break from driving or do a spot of sightseeing along the way.

External campervan equipment 

External campervan equipment is just as important as the internal items. You might need to consider includes a water hose and connector, as well as electrical cables and adaptors depending on where you are in the world. You might also want to check over the awning if you have one and compile outdoor chairs and a table so that you can enjoy sitting outdoors rather than staying cooped up inside during your trip. 

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