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Discover a Magical Floral Wonderland of Spring in Shizuoka, Japan

Springtime in the Japanese region of Shizuoka is a magnificent sight to behold, particularly for garden lovers. Located between Tokyo and Kyoto, this area is a true paradise for those who appreciate the beauty of nature’s colors and fragrances. The region comes alive with an array of stunning flowers during March and April, transforming into a kaleidoscope of colors that mesmerizes visitors from all over the world. From cherry blossoms to wisteria, azaleas, and tulips, there’s something for every flower enthusiast. With the iconic Mount Fuji in the background, Shizuoka becomes a must-visit destination for those who seek a floral-themed holiday.

From around late March, the variety of flowers and trees begin bringing in pink, purple, blue and red hues as the trees turn a vibrant green. While you can easily see all kinds of flowers and cherry trees dotted around in the wild, your best chance in guaranteeing maximum floral experience is to visit the Hamamatsu Flower Park. 

The Hamamatsu Flower Park, which has been named the World’s Most Beautiful Sakura and Tulip Garden has a yearly Flower Festival from mid-March to mid-June. The flower park houses the majority of native flowers of the region including cherry blossoms, tulips, and hydrangeas. There’s also a 150 metres long Wisteria (fuji in Japanese) lane giving you the opportunity to take beautiful images with the vibrant purple flowers directly above your head. 

If you can’t wait until March to go to Shizuoka or already have a trip planned and are worried you’ll be too early and risk missing Sakura (cherry blossoms), there’s a unique strain called only found in this region that might interest you. 

The Kawazu Cherry Tree begins blossoming in early February ahead of the traditional peak season of March and April, and there’s even a festival taking place in the city of Kawazu starting on the 1st of February celebrating the beginning of the season for this unique tree. Unlike some other cherry trees, the petals stay on the trees for longer meaning your window of opportunity is bigger to see these beautiful trees bloom during Sakura. 

When the blossoms will be in flower

  • Plums: Feb/March 
  • Early Cherry Blossom (Kawazu tree): Early Feb 
  • Cheery Blossom: late March
  • Tulips: late March/April
  • Nemophila (baby blue eyes): April
  • Wisteria: late April/early May
  • Roses: late May/early June
  • Hydrangeas: late May – July
  • Japanese Iris: June

A Shizuoka Secret Surprise

Did you know that some of the world’s best strawberries are grown in the beautiful region of Shizuoka, Japan? While this may be a little-known secret, it’s a fact that has earned the region a spot on many traveler’s bucket lists for 2023.

Shizuoka is renowned for the quality of its strawberries, which are known for their large size and exceptional sweetness. From January to May, visitors can experience the deliciousness firsthand during the strawberry season, with National Strawberry Day being the perfect time to plan a trip.

A strawberry-picking tour is a must-do activity in Shizuoka, with over 50 strawberry farms in the region. Many offer an all-you-can-pick-and-eat experience, and visitors can try unique regional species like Beni-Hoppe, Akihime, and Kirapika. The Ema Strawberry Picking Centre is the largest farm in Shizuoka and offers a grand experience.

After filling up on juicy strawberries, visitors can head to the Gotemba Premium Outlets. With over 200 stores, it’s a shopping paradise with stunning views of Mount Fuji in the backdrop. Exploring the picturesque Shizuoka countryside is also a must, with natural wonders like the Shiraito Falls and Kawazu Seven Waterfalls to take in, or a visit to the Fujisan Hongu Sengen Tausha Shrine to pay respects.

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