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10 Beautiful Pool Designs and Ideas to Inspire Your Backyard Pool

It’s the dream of many of us to have our own pool to create a holiday-at-home vibe in own backyards. Choosing a pool design can be tricky with so many designs and styles to choose from.

Start by looking at your home and area and take inspiration from your surroundings. Making the most of your natural surroundings will ensure your pool blends harmoniously into your home. Here are 10 inspiring pool designs for all types of homes and gardens.

1. The Courtyard Pool

A courtyard pool is great addition to an interior open space. This style acts as a water features as well as a pool and looks great when, viewed form inside. The addition of brick tiling and citrus trees give it a distinctly Mediterranean vibe.

1. Deep Blue

We love this deep inky blue pool design, the natural decking and large palm trees create a real sense of calm and relaxation. This style works well in tropical areas where you can make the most of rainforest style plants to incorporate into your pool garden landscaping.

3. Outdoors In

This pool effortlessly integrates into the home and becomes an extension of the living area creating a real outdoor-in effect. We can imagine a quick morning dip before heading effortlessly into the kitchen to grab breakfast.

4. Beach Style

Adding organic curves and textures and sea blue water gives this pool a real feeling of being at the beach, minus the messy sand.

5. Balinese Retreat

These pools conjures up Bali vibes with the natural wood elements, poolside bar and lush greenery. Create your own lush island paradise escape at home and feel like you are on holiday in your own home.

6. Modernist

Concrete, steel and clean lines combine to make this pool a perfect city living style for those who prefer their pools austere and uncomplicated.

7. Moroccan Style

Bring a little Moroccan style to your home with a courtyard style pool, large terracotta pots, indoor plants and elaborate tiling.

8. Country Style

Lucky enough to be surrounded by farmland and trees? Keep your pool design simple and embrace the natural views and landscape, making the most of the great outdoors.

9. Natural Elements

Keep it simple with a pool that seamlessly integrates into you grassed lawn with a simple wooden frame and cool blue water.

10. On the Edge

Perched on a hill? Make the most of it with an infinity edge pool that takes in the impressive views.

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