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10 Stylish Royal Outfits That Have Stood The Test Of Time

By Shannon Meddings, Style Machine

The royals of the world keep us fascinated, not only with their lavish lifestyles but also with the stylish and chic wardrobes that they have access to.

Below I have curated a list of my 10 favourite outfits worn by much-loved royal ladies around the globe over the past 50 years or so. These timeless looks are as relevant today as they were when they worn, a statement of true style.

1. Princess Margaret, Africa 1956

Lets take a minute to admire all the fabulous accessories Princess Margret was styling up in 1956. What a style queen.

2. Princess Grace of Monaco, 1968

Elegant and stylish, a true starlet from the beginning. This simple cut dress is divine and oh so chic.

3. Princess Grace of Monaco, Monte Carlo 1972

A lover of fashion, Princess Grace embodies a very cool and feminine vision of the 70’s which is making a comeback with many fashion designers today.

4. Princess Diana at the Polo, 1984

This whole look works although the sunglasses make it oh so glam. Elevated weekend wear at its very best.

5. Princess Diana, 1986

White coat draped over the shoulders, teamed with a midi dress and heels. Anyone could wear this today and it would still look completely on point.

6. Princess Diana, 1990s

White jeans, tee and a classic blazer. A look that has stood the test of time. Everyone needs this whole look in their wardrobe as a go-to.

7. Princess Mary, 2009

Princess Mary looking fabulous and ladylike in red. This coat is everything and the puff sleeve and nude heels is as chic today as it was a decade ago.

8. Meghan Markle, Dublin 2018

A classic grey wrap dress and heels is true Megan Markle style, rarely getting it wrong, this former actress always looks put together without too much fuss.

9. Princess Eugenie at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding in 2018

A cute little mini dress for any day of the week. This powder blue number is a great cut for so many body shapes and could be worn to a multitude of events, work, weekend or a royal wedding!

10. The Duchess of Cambridge, 2021

The Queen-to-be looks absolutely stunning in this tonal outfit. Wide leg pants and shirt styled to perfection for her figure. I love this outfit for any day of the week.

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