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3 Ingredients For A Healthier Home

By Deborah Ricketts

Did you know we normally spend two-thirds of our lives in our home? Even more so in recent times. Yet few of us properly consider its impact on our wellbeing. A few minor tweaks to your current routine can improve your physical and mental health.

Ingredient 1. Clean and de-clutter your house regularly

Things like dust mites, moulds, allergens, germs and pests can lower your immune system and spread disease. Let’s remove them!

Add an extra measure of cleaning and de-cluttering to your routine. Regularly maintaining a clean and de-cluttered house, will not only help improve your physical health; it will also lift your mood. 

Why not pump out some of your favourite tunes and turn a tedious task into some healthy fun! Or better yet, if you’re able to do so, order out! Hire someone else to clean it!

Ingredient 2. Chemical Free Products

When you clean, try using chemical free products where possible. There are some awesome natural products in the market now. Or consider making your own. Blend vinegar, bi-carb soda and your favourite essential oil in a spray bottle for a simple, yet effective all-purpose cleaner. It will smell fabulous too.

Also investigate the cleaning products you use on your body and face. Avoid the nasty chemicals like: 

● Formaldehyde

● Parabens 

● Fragrance 

These ingredients are linked to negative health implications. Swap out your old products for those with natural plant-based ingredients and you’ll feel and look so much better for it.

Ingredient 3. Indoor Plant Purification

When it comes to sprucing up your home, plants can not only add an aesthetic value, they have many extra health benefits. 

An increasing number of Australians are living in high-rise apartments. These smaller living spaces provide less ventilation, increasing instances of chronic health concerns,caused by household toxins.

Never fear! Because plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, they serve as a perfect air purifier to remove toxins from your home. Indoor plants in your home will not only look beautiful, they naturally reduce chronic illness and boost mental health. 

Place potted herbs on your kitchen sill, it will add natural beauty and fragrance to your space. It will also entice you to add healthy eating herbs into your favourite meals. 

For indoor plant options with proven health benefits, we suggest:

● Peace Lily – For all the brown thumbs out there, this low-maintenance plant is perfect. It is renowned for removing harmful toxins from the air. They also add moisture to dry air, caused by air-conditioners in the winter-time.

● Mother-in-law’s Tongue – Perfect for bathrooms, it thrives in low light and adds visual appeal. Better yet it can remove formaldehyde from the air, caused by chemical-based toilet paper and cleaning products.

● Devil’s Ivy – Otherwise known as the ‘money-plant’, how can you not be feeling the good vibes already? This plant purifies the air and removes pollutants. It earns bonus points with its gorgeous green foliage; this plant will visually compliment any area in your home.

You’ll feel the difference, with these simple yet effective changes to your cleaning routine, household products, and indoor plants. Your home will naturally be a happier and healthier place to live in for you and your loved ones.

Deborah Ricketts from Versatile VA supports Australian small service-based businesses, withoutsourced marketing and social media support. (www.versatileva.com.au)

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