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6 True Crime Podcasts To Listen To Now

True crime podcasts dominate the podcast landscape and it seems that most of us can’t get enough of these tragic tales of fraud, murder and mystery. Here are some of our favourites, old and new, that should be on your listen list.

1. Death of a Starlet

The death of playboy bunny Dorothy Stratten in the early 80’s captivated people across the globe. At only 20 years old, the blonde Canadian model and actress met her demise at the hands of her estranged husband, Paul Snider.

This podcast, from the talented team at Wondery, charts her story from being discovered working at a Dairy Queen in Vancouver in the late 1970s, to becoming part of the Playboy inner circle and starring alongside Audrey Hepburn in film, until her tragic death at only 20 years old.

Why listen? Listen to Death of a Starlet for a fascinating story and cautionary tale of domestic control, fame and 1970s glamour.

2. The Lighthouse

This heartbreaking podcasts delves into the disappearance of Theo Hayez, an 18 year old Belgian national, in the seaside holiday town on Byron Bay in Australia.

Did Theo meet foul play? Did he have a terrible accident on the cliffs of Cape Byron? There are so many unanswered questions in this series. An inquest into Theo’s death is scheduled for November 2021.

Why listen? The team at The Australian has put together a podcast that delves into the often unseen underbelly of the world famous resort town, it makes you believe in the power of community and most importantly has you praying that Theo’s family and friends to get an outcome to this baffling story.

3. Believed

When the crimes of serial sex abuser and USA Gymnastics national team doctor, Larry Nassar were made public it exposed an underbelly of abuse and cover up.

Under the guise of providing medical treatment Nassar abused at least 265 children and women, over a 25 year period, sometimes while their parents and carers were in the same room.

The story is hard to listen to and hard to understand how he could get away with his crimes, but the team at Michigan Radio and NPR tell this story with compassion and support for the victims of Nassar.

Why listen? For the sheer audacity and actions of a man that should never have been in charge of working with children and young people, and for the lessons it teaches us about believing and supporting victims of these types of crimes.

4. Fake Heiress

Some stories are too wild to be believed. When German woman Anna Sorokin hit the New York scene she recreated a life for herself as Anna Delvey, a wealthy heiress ready to make her mark on the New York social scene.

A few short years later she was behind bars, convicted of fraud. A Netflix series Inventing Anna, is in the works and Anna herself is out of prison and back on the scene capitalising on telling her story in her own words.

Why listen? For most of us it is hard to understand the actions of con men and women, this podcast gives an insight into how some people can believe their own hype and manage to take others along for the ride with them.

5. The Missing Cryptoqueen

This is the fascinating story of Russian Cryptoqueen, Dr Ruja Ignatova, who hasn’t been seen in public since 2017, after creating the infamous OneCoin brand and developing a cult-like following across the globe.

Why listen? Presenters and journalists Jamie Bartlett and Georgia Katt produce one of the most compelling podcasts of recent times.

Criss-crossing the world in the search of the missing OneCoin leader, Dr Ruja Ignatova, they shed light on why so many of us want to believe in get rich quick schemes and are all too willing to continue to believe even after the truth has been exposed.

6. Unravel True Crime: Snowball

When New Zealander Greg Wards meets and falls head over heels in love with American women, Lezlie Manukian, in London he has no idea of the havoc she would bring to his life and his family.

Years later, his brother and journalist and Ollie Wards, delves into the secrets and lies of a con woman and brings closure to a chapter in his family’s history.

Why listen? Ollie manages to tell this story with grace and humour but at the core of this tale it is the heartwarming bonds of family love. If you need reminding of why crime doesn’t pay listen to this story, as the family thrives and moves on with their lives, the woman who would show them little remorse after taking them for a ride is left with with a life so sad you almost begin to feel sorry for her.

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