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A Day In The Life Of Mukti, Founder of Organic Skincare Brand Mukti Organics

Mukti is an eco-activist, author and green cosmetic chemistry pioneer. Educated in complementary medicine with a penchant for beauty, botany and clean living, she has helped set the benchmark for certified organic skincare in Australia with her beauty brand, Mukti Organics.

Her aim is to reconnect people to nature, creating health and happiness via toxin-free lifestyles and beauty regimes. An apothecary artisan at heart, Mukti has mastered the process of creating dynamic, organic and natural beauty formulations.

Mukti lives with her partner in Byron Bay where they run a health and fitness studio “Health is For Life” in the Habitat Lifestyle Complex. We catch up with her to find out what a day in her life looks like.

Morning Routine

I’m an early bird and I wake before sunrise. I begin the day with a meditation and set my intentions for the coming day. Bulletproof coffee comes next. It’s my one coffee for the day so I make it a good one. I use organic, single origin then add ghee and goat milk and blend. I am sure my neighbors love hearing me using the blender before they hear the birds. It’s creamy and delicious and gets my brain firing on all cylinders.

I then make my way over to my desk, which since C19 is actually the kitchen table. I am sure my fiancé thinks that I am just scrolling through Instagram all day and surfing the web as he constantly interrupts me and finds it terribly amusing. I actually love the early mornings as there are no phone calls and messages to deal with so I can get through quite a few tasks. Like many, since C19, working from home is even more challenging to carve out time and space and commit to a routine. At present, my days are extremely full so being organised is crucial. I am wearing multiple hats as CEO, General Manager and Founder of Mukti Organics.

I start with a list with check boxes of my tasks for the day. My inbox usually fills up overnight so I begin with emails and putting them into some form of hierarchy, dealing with the most crucial or urgent items first. I find writing copy is also best done at the beginning of the day when I am alert and fresh. I wrote most of my book, “Truth in Beauty” between 5-9am.

Mukti with brand ambassador, Julia Ashwood

During the Day Routine

Keeping work life balance in check is vitally important to me otherwise I would be a workaholic. I find it challenging to switch off, so I have to be hypervigilant with disciplining myself. I have only had one real holiday in 20 years where I didn’t have my laptop at my fingertips.

I exercise three mornings a week with my partner who is a personal trainer. We live above our studio/gym in Byron Bay so there is absolutely no excuse. I do some form of mobility/ movement every day. I also take tennis lessons twice a week. After exercising, I take our dog Yuna, a little Jug, for a walk along Belongil beach and jump in the ocean for a reset.

The rest of the day is fairly interrupted with phone calls and dealing with the day to day running of the business as well as meetings. It’s been extremely challenging running a manufacturing facility remotely. Thank goodness for Zoom! Normally I would drive up to Maleny Queensland where the business is located and spend a few days there every fortnight to check in with the team and use the laboratory for research and development projects. It’s been frustrating and emotionally challenging not being able to cross the border to run my company and see my family.

Lunch is usually a hefty smoothie which has a serving of Mukti Organics Bioactive Collagen Booster alongside protein powder, berries and kefir. This keeps me going until the end of the day.

Mukti and her daughter

Evening Routine

I eat my main meal around 4.30-5pm. After that my fast begins so that I can rest and digest.

Prepping for sleep begins with a digital sunset and donning blue blocker glasses if Matt and I watch any TV. I avoid the news and opt for some comedy or something light. My mind is quite active so preparing my mental continuum for sleep without too much stimulation or emotional content is paramount. I completely avoid alcohol on weekdays and only occasionally drink on weekends if there is a social gathering. As I age, I find alcohol doesn’t agree with me, so I choose not to indulge very often.

Bedtime is around 8-8.30 pm. I like to read before sleeping. I rarely read fiction. It will usually be some spiritual or self-help material or a subject matter that I’m interested in that relates to health and wellbeing. I aim to get a least eight hours of sleep and wear a silk eye mask and earplugs to literally block out the world. I often wake around 3am and put myself back to sleep by meditating. I studied with a Transcendental Meditation teacher and have found using a mantra to be a helpful and grounding practice. We are living in uncertain times so having a mindfulness practice greatly assists me in maintaining peace and equanimity.

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