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ELE Interview: A Day In The Life Of Full-Time Travellers, Photographers and Content Creators, Maky and Matt

What’s it really like to travel the world full-time, putting aside a life of material possessions to instead collect life experiences and memories? Maky and Matt are doing just that, travelling across this beautiful earth, documenting their experiences along the way with incredible photography and imagery on their travel blog, Maky and Matt.

It’s truly a modern day love story, a Czech and an Aussie who fell in love at first sight in Bali, and who now call the world their home. We chat to them about what a typical day looks like – hint no day is typical when you are travelling the world full time!

Our Mornings

First, we gotta say, we don’t really have a morning routine due to our lifestyle. We are 24/7 on the move. We change accommodation and beds we sleep in usually 4 times a week!

With the constant changes, it’s hard to stick to any routine, because almost every morning is different, depending on where we are and the plan of the day. Sometimes we are doing island hopping, jumping on the boat before the sun comes out and spending the entire day on the boat and in the water.

Sometimes we are doing road trips in our 4WD in Australia, waking up with the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore and spending the morning by catching our own lunch and afternoon by searching for a place to set up our fire and bed.

But if we try to generalize our day, it would look like something like this.

We will wake up very early to catch a sunrise. We love to watch the world and nature wake up. There is something really peaceful about being out alone and witnessing the first sunbeams waking up everything to life.

Another reason is that we love taking photos during sunrise! It really depends on the location where we are and the place we want to catch the sunrise at, but it can be anywhere between 3am to 5:30 am.

The sky has the most incredible colours, the light is soft and there are no people even at the busiest places.

After our morning shoot, Maky needs food and Matty needs coffee! If he already didn’t have one (or two!).


During our travels, we try to go to bed quite early unless there is some more editing we have to do. The sun, waking up early and freediving, waterfall chasing, volcanos hiking etc. can get pretty exhausting! Not that we would be complaining.

During lunchtime, we would be either exploring the place we are at or using the hottest time of the day for catching up on work. As photographers and travellers, there are always photos to be edited, articles to be written and new skills to be learned.

We both love hot weather, palm trees and mainly the ocean. That’s why Indonesia, Asia or Australia are our favourite places to travel to. Matty is a really good fisherman and surfer and the ocean is his happy place. Maky has been living in Indonesia for over 4 years and is fluent in the Indonesian language, which is a big advantage and makes exploring the Indonesian islands way easier and enjoyable. You can connect with local people on a totally different level if you can speak their language and that’s something we enjoy about travelling the most.

Our Afternoons

Sunset is another magical time of a day for us! We love to capture it with our camera the moment when the sky puts on a show, the ocean calms down and the light gets really soft.

But if we are somewhere with friends, based for a bit longer in one place, we definitely love to go for a sunset beer and surrounded ourselves with friends and new people!

To read more about Maky and Matt’s travels visit their website here and to see more of their stunning photography make sure you follow their adventures on Instagram.

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