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Armchair Travel: How To See The World Without Leaving Your Home

By Danielle Norton

Remember when Google introduced GoogleEarth and we could all ‘travel’ anywhere in the world and see what it looked like? Obviously our need for virtual experiences has increased of late, but these days we are after more realistic experiences than an aerial photo can give. We’ve put together a list of ideas to inspire your future travels.

Take a Virtual Tour

We can’t get to New York right now, but we can visit some of the great sights of the city virtually. Itching to see the Museum of Modern Art? Every Thursday they are offering a virtual tour of the collection. Or maybe Le Louvre in Paris is more your cup of tea?

Go on Safari in Africa, take a gentle, mindful stroll through The Amazon Rainforest or wander the UNESCO world heritage sites of Vietnam. If there’s somewhere you have always wanted to visit, you can now get there virtually.

Ever wanted to take the ten hour train journey from Trondheim in Norway through to the Arctic Circle? You can do it on Youtube from the comfort of your couch. You can even choose which season you travel through so, if snow is not your thing, take the trip during summer and see a whole new landscape. Fancy viewing the Japanese countryside? Climb aboard the train on the Geibi Line from Hiroshima station to Fuchu Station.

Travel via a Film

Let a film take you to another world, even if only for a few hours. Immerse yourself in the sounds and sights of India and maybe even plan your retirement while you watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Laugh as you watch the Griswold family venturing across America in Vacation or sing along and pretend you’re dancing in the hills of Austria with an old favourite, The Sound of Music. Get absorbed by the ways and locations of the English aristocrats in Downton Abbey or lose yourself in the fantasy of an Icelandic winter while watching Game of Thrones.

Let a Book Take You Away

If ever there was a perfect time to lose yourself in a book, it’s now. Forget about the troubles of the world and dive deep into some travel stories. Penny Watson has written a book about Slow Travel that will convince you that this is the travel of the future (when we can get out again). In Bewildered, Laura Waters documents her journey from office worker to adventurer as she walks 3000km from one end of New Zealand to the other on the Te Araroa Trail. Spend A Year in Provence with Peter Mayle or plan a post-iso journey with Lonely Planet’s 38 Amazing Road Trips.

Travel with a Podcast

Subscribe to Flight of Fancy to hear some of Australia’s most well respected travel writers discussing people, places and issues concerning global and domestic travel experiences. Amanda Kendle’s The Thoughtful Travel Podcast is another show that inspires travel lovers to analyse and chat about their adventures.  If you’ve ever dreamed of dropping out of the rat race and traveling full time, you can learn how to do it from the folks at The Indie Travel Podcast. For tips on budget travel, The Extra Pack of Peanuts are a knowledgeable crew. 

Once they open international borders you’ll know exactly where in the world you want to go next.

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