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Beauty Review: We Try The Melanie Grant Camera Ready Facial

When you think of skincare one of the first names that comes to mind is Melanie Grant. The Australian skincare guru is responsible for keeping the skin of women across the globe in tip top condition with her salons in Sydney, Melboure and Los Angeles, and an annual residency in Paris.

We visited her Melbourne salon recently to try the Camera Ready Facial.

What is it?

The camera ready facial is a mix of a microdermabrasion, peel, mask and LED. From the Melanie Grant site:

‘The perfect pre-event treatment for a flawless, clear, illuminated complexion. A deep cleanse and exfoliation with ultra-fine diamond microdermabrasion ensures a perfectly clarified base. Supported with a customised antioxidant peel, hydration infusion and firm French Massage work to boost circulation and increase your epidermal water content. Finished with calming light therapy. The skin is left radiant and lit from within’.

The Salon

A neutral palette, clean lines with a comfortable seating area, thoughtfully displayed product and some well chosen art, fashion and design books – on arrival you know you are in a luxurious space which sets the scene for your upcoming treatment.

The Experience

Arriving at the salon I was greeted warmly by the MG team. I was given a form to complete and offered a bottle of sparkling Perrier water which was a welcome relief after rushing to make my appointment on time. Clients are spread out so seamlessly that you are unlikely to see another client at the same time, making it feel like a luxurious private service.

I was shown to a mood-lit treatment room on the second floor and given a few minutes to change into a towel, lay down and cover up with a soft coverlet to keep me cosy and warm during the treatment. The treatment room was simple and elegant, Chanel bottles on the benches, Melanie Grant embroidered towels and a screen playing runway fashion shows.

When the therapist arrived back we had a quick chat to talk about my skin and then she got to work. If you are one of those people who likes to talk through your treatment and ask all of the questions you are welcome to, however for me, a luxe facial is a rare time to relax, switch off and let the therapist work her magic.

After my skin (face and décolletage) was cleansed, the microbrasion commenced. If you haven’t had microbrasion before it can feel a little strange but it doesn’t hurt at all, a little like a very light, small vacuum being slid over your skin.

The micro was followed by a light peel, which again doesn’t hurt however you know by the feel that it is doing its job. The next step was a delicious smelling berry cream mask, topped with a sheet mask for ultra hydration. A firm French facial massage followed.

The final stage was LED light therapy. Protective glasses were placed over my eyes and the LED light applied. Combined with a hand and arm massage this was a purely relaxing part of the facial.

After the treatment finished I was given time to get changed and head back to the reception area where my therapist was waiting with post-care tips and some suggested products to incorporate into my routine. One of my pet hates at salons is when a therapist tries to sell you hundreds of dollars of product following a treatment without understanding your needs. It isn’t like that at MG, while the team will recommend a full AM/PM program you don’t feel compelled to buy the products unnecessarily. If you are like me and already have loads of great products including some the therapist recommended (the benefit of trialling a lot of beauty brands for ele!), then you can just supplement with what you need or switch over to a recommended product when you run out of of an existing one in your regime.


Immediately afterwards my skin was glowy and felt smoother and more hydrated. However over the coming few days the results became more apparent, my skin was clearer, more radiant and more refined. I take good care of my skin and have regular peels, laser therapy and facials, however this is one of my favourite results from a treatment to date.


$380 AUD

Ok it’s not cheap, but in our mind you get what you pay for. Excellent knowledgeable service in an elegant setting and actual results.

Would we recommend?

Yes. One of our favourite facials, the combination of the micro, the peel and LED means you pack a whole lot of goodness in to one session. As it’s name suggests this is a perfect pre-event facial.

Visit Melanie Grant for more information, including bookings and salon address details.

ele Note – all of the opinions expressed are our own.

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