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Designing Dream Spaces: Discover These 6 Leading Interior Design Studios 

The spaces we inhabit on a daily basis have direct effect on our productivity, mood and overall wellbeing. Collaborating with a great interior design studio can help you create functional and beautiful environments to thrive in. 

Interior design studios can translate any vision into reality with innovative concepts, furnishings, high-quality materials, and more. Whether you want your home to be cozier, a workspace to keep you motivated, or your business to be transformed, working with an interior design studio is the way to go. Here are some of the best of 2023!

1. Conway + Wise Interior Design

Co-Founded by Mishell Wise and Shellie Conway, Conway + Wise Interior Design is a studio that believes it’s purpose is to thoughtfully tell the unique story of the client. This design studio values authentic creativity and collaboration, so they work closely with clients to create functional and aesthetic places they can actually connect with.

Conway + Wise is based in Sydney and it offers a full service design response by handling the entire process, from concept through construction and completion. Known for their collaborative and responsive approach with clients, artisans, and building professionals, Mishell and Shellie create well-considered spaces across residential and commercial sectors. 

At Conway + Wise, the client journey begins with their unique story, which is used to create bespoke design narratives interpreted through thoughtful design and masterful use of materials. This is how the team behind this design studio can guarantee soulful, transformative spaces. 

For Mishell and Shellie, the mission is clear – to treat every project as an opportunity to create an exceptional experience and to act as a conduit that connects people to their spaces. After all, they believe successful design is more than practicality and beauty, it is primarily about the emotional response that the space inspires. 

2. Project:Home

Project:Home is a design studio and state-of-the-art colour showroom where the possibilities are endless. The team of creative and innovative colour consultants at Project:Home are trained in every aspect of the design process and are committed to providing expert design advice & delivering tasteful assistance for interior and exterior design decisions.

Clients who are looking for a one-stop shop will find Project:Home to be one of the best options out there. Specialising in internal and external colour selections, they also cater to designing kitchens, bathrooms, electrical plans, staircases and more.

Whilst most design studios have a limited range, focusing on only one or a few aspects of design, Project:Home delivers a complete home selection under one roof. Their team of expert and passionate creatives can cater to builders and renovators, or interior designers that may look at using the space for their own client selections.

Design projects can be overwhelming as there are many choices involved, with people often fearing they will make the wrong ones without guidance. Project:Home offers this guidance and reassurance by providing expert advice in order to bring their vision to life and creating spaces they deserve to live in.

3. Georgie Mayo Interiors

Founded by Georgie Mayo, Georgie Mayo Interiors is a full-service interior design studio that specialises in project management services for both residential and commercial projects. Unlike many other designers, GMI offers a practical and detail-focused approach to interior design that prioritises smart design ideas that improve your daily life.

Highly knowledgeable, practical and detail focused, GMI provides expert insight and expertise at every project stage, from space planning and council submissions to finish selections and final furniture specifications. As a project management firm, GMI is dedicated to ensuring that every detail is addressed, making the renovation, build, or subdivision process as seamless as possible.

In addition to their expertise in interior design and project management, GMI are also bathroom and kitchen space planning experts. The designers at Georgie Mayo Interiors can provide insider tips and insights to help you create the perfect space for your needs.

Overall, Georgie Mayo Interiors is a full-service design firm that offers a comprehensive range of services to meet your needs. From space planning and documentation to project management and final installation, GMI is dedicated to providing clients with a beautiful and functional space that enhances their daily life.


NEON WHITE DESIGN is an Australian Interior Design studio that stands out in the business with their unique characteristics and attributes. Led by Meg Campbell, an experienced interior designer with a background in studying at Enmore Design Centre in Sydney and teaching at the Canberra Institute of Technology, the studio is known for their personalised approach to each project.

One of the key aspects of NEON WHITE DESIGN is their custom design style. They understand that each client has their own unique preferences, and they tailor their designs to suit individual tastes and needs. Whether it’s a commercial, retail, or residential project, the team strives to create spaces that are one-of-a-kind, reflecting the personality and vision of their clients.

In addition to their custom approach, NEON WHITE DESIGN prides themselves on providing personalised service. They take the time to listen to their clients’ ideas and concerns, and offer individualised design solutions that cater to their specific requirements. They also place a strong emphasis on using high-quality materials and craftsmanship in their projects. 

Another notable aspect of NEON WHITE DESIGN’s business is their commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly design practices. They understand the importance of environmental consciousness and incorporate sustainable design elements into their projects. 

Overall, NEON WHITE DESIGN stands out in the business of interior design with its unique approach to creating unique and environmentally conscious spaces for clients. This sets them apart as a reputable and innovative interior design studio to pay attention to!

5. Brearley Architects + Urbanists BAU 

Brearley Architects + Urbanists BAU is an inspiring architecture firm and one of the design studios to watch in 2023. With a deep-rooted commitment to progressive Eastern and Western philosophies, BAU is driven by values that go beyond just design. Led by partners James Brearley and Shirley Fang, BAU has studios in Melbourne and Shanghai, and their work focuses on innovative solutions to contemporary built environment issues with a multi-dimensional approach that encompasses environmental, cultural, social, and economic sustainability.

BAU’s approach to architecture is not only about form and expression but also about radical innovation in functional arrangements and inclusions. Their work is derived from a sophisticated understanding of pragmatics, iconography, and analogy, supported by a deep engagement with current philosophical, scientific, and artistic discourses. The result is always surprising, uplifting, and at times even humorous.

This studio’s excellence in design has been recognized with several prestigious awards, including four Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) awards in the past year. Additionally, they were awarded two AIA International Awards for Yuandang Pedestrian Bridge and Tianshan Primary School, with the Bridge also winning the inaugural AIA International Medal. And the list goes on!

Brearley Architects + Urbanists is known for their unique approach, deep engagement with philosophy, science, and art, and their commitment to sustainability and innovation set them apart. Get ready to be inspired and delighted by BAU’s surprising and uplifting designs that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the built environment.

6. Tom Mark Henry Studio

Tom Mark Henry is a dynamic and innovative Australian Interior Design Practice that has been making waves in the industry since its founding in 2014. Led by Directors Cushla McFadden and Jade Nottage, the team of highly skilled and talented designers has garnered significant industry recognition and built an impressive portfolio of work in residential and commercial interiors.

Tom Mark Henry champions an authentic and genuine approach to design. They believe in telling the client’s story through experiential interior design, creating spaces that are unique and tailored to each client’s needs and brief. With a focus on human connection and creating engaging environments, they take pride in fostering strong relationships and are fully committed to collaboration. As such, they value working closely with clients, team members, and suppliers to ensure that every project is a true reflection of the client’s vision. 

Tom Mark Henry’s passion for design, commitment to authenticity, and dedication to collaboration make them a leading force in the world of interior design. Their impressive portfolio and repeat clients are a testament to their exceptional work and their unwavering pursuit of excellence in every project. 

Make sure to go and follow all these amazing design studios as they continue to make their mark on the world.

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