Europe’s Most Colorful Village, Burano, Italy

We discover Europe’s Most Colorful City, beautiful Burano in Italy.

For the perfect day trip from Venice look no further than beautiful, colorful Burano. This deliciously pretty town is a group of four islands linked by bridges, famous for the bright rainbow-colored homes that line the canals. It is renowned for its beautiful lace, with many visitors picking up lovely lacework pieces to take home. In many of the boutiques you can still see elderly Italian women demonstrating their traditional lace making skills. 

Food is another highlight in the town, with seafood featuring heavily in most restaurant menus. Trattoria al Gatto Nero is our favorite restaurant, serving up simple delicious fish dishes and Italian wine. Gelato in the main square is also a must for a post-lunch sweet treat. Find out more about this beautiful village and why it should be on your Europe must-visit list.

The History of Burano

Burano is a small island in the Venetian Lagoon, located about 7 km from the city of Venice. It has a long and fascinating history, dating back to the Roman Empire. However, the island’s colorful houses were not built until the 16th century when the locals began to paint their homes in bright colors to help fishermen find their way back home in the fog.

Today, Burano is famous for its colorful houses, handmade lace, and fresh seafood. It’s a popular destination for tourists looking to experience authentic Italian culture and cuisine.

How to Get to Burano

The best way to get to Burano is by taking a vaporetto, or water taxi, from Venice. You can catch a vaporetto from several locations in Venice, including the San Zaccaria, Fondamente Nove, and the Rialto Bridge. The journey takes about 40 minutes and offers stunning views of the Venetian Lagoon.

Alternatively, you can take a private water taxi or book a guided tour that includes transportation to and from Burano.

When to Visit Burano

The best time to visit Burano is during the spring or fall when the weather is mild, and the crowds are thinner. The summer months can be extremely hot and crowded, making it difficult to fully enjoy the island’s charm.

However, if you plan to visit during the summer, we recommend arriving early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the crowds.

What to See and Do in Burano

  1. Explore the colorful houses: The most famous attraction in Burano is the colorful houses that line the canals. Take a stroll through the streets and admire the different colors and designs.
  2. Visit the Lace Museum: Burano is famous for its handmade lace, and the Lace Museum is the perfect place to learn about the history and craftsmanship of this art form.
  3. Try the local cuisine: Burano is known for its fresh seafood, including squid ink risotto and local fish dishes. Be sure to stop at one of the island’s restaurants to try these delicious dishes. If you can’t get to Burano try one of our favorite recipes, Spaghetti with Clams, inspired by the island.
  4. Take a boat tour: Rent a boat or book a tour to explore the Venetian Lagoon and its many islands, including Murano, Torcello, and San Michele.
  5. Visit the Church of San Martino: The Church of San Martino is a beautiful example of Venetian Gothic architecture and is home to several important works of art.

Burano Travel Tips

  1. Wear comfortable shoes: The streets of Burano are narrow and can be uneven, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes for walking.
  2. Bring sunscreen: The sun can be intense particularly in summer, so be sure to bring sunscreen and wear a hat to protect your skin.
  3. Be respectful of the locals: Burano is a small island, and the locals take pride in their community. Be sure to respect their culture and traditions while you are visiting.
  4. Learn some Italian: While many locals speak English, it’s always helpful to learn some Italian phrases to make your trip more enjoyable.

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  1. I love Burano, went there a few years ago, would love to again. Your photos are great!

  2. The buildings are beautiful!! I’ve always wondered if these colorful buildings actually exist! Great photos!

  3. Love it!! So colorful.

  4. I love the colourful building fronts. They make it look so cheerful and welcoming!

  5. Great pix. I have not yet visited Venice area. I’ve been to Naples, Rome and Florence a few times and have written a couple travel Posts. So many great places to eat! Italy is so beautiful!

  6. GASP!! We plan on doing our 10 year in Italy this is a must see!

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