Escape: Burano, Italy

For the perfect day (or half day) trip from Venice look no further than beautiful, colourful Burano. This deliciously pretty town is a group of four islands linked by bridges, famous for the bright rainbow coloured homes that line the canals. It is renowned for its beautiful lace, with many visitors picking up lovely lacework pieces to take home. In many of the boutiques you can still see elderly Italian women demonstrating their traditional lace making skills. 

Food is another highlight in the town, with seafood featuring heavily in most restaurant menus. Trattoria al Gatto Nero is our favourite restaurant, serving up simple delicious fish dishes and Italian wine. Gelato in the main square is also a must for a post-lunch sweet treat.

Getting to Burano is easy by ferry from Venice and takes about 45 minutes (costs about 8 euros). Private water taxi is a another (more expensive!) option if you prefer to arrive in style. For more information visit Burano

15 comments on “Escape: Burano, Italy

  1. I love Burano, went there a few years ago, would love to again. Your photos are great!

  2. The buildings are beautiful!! I’ve always wondered if these colorful buildings actually exist! Great photos!

  3. Love it!! So colorful.

  4. I love the colourful building fronts. They make it look so cheerful and welcoming!

  5. Great pix. I have not yet visited Venice area. I’ve been to Naples, Rome and Florence a few times and have written a couple travel Posts. So many great places to eat! Italy is so beautiful!

  6. GASP!! We plan on doing our 10 year in Italy this is a must see!

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