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Friendship, Food and Wellness – We Catch Up With Brooke Nash and Tegan Martin

We chat to besties & models Brooke Nash and Tegan Martin, ambassadors for MACROS about all things friendship, food and wellness.

How did you meet and become friends?

Brooke Working in the same industry, Tegan and I constantly found ourselves running into each other. We first met at Miss Universe Australia, and instantly hit it off. We stayed in touch from that point on but it wasn’t until one day we bumped into each other on the streets of Sydney and realised we were both looking for a new housemate at the exact same time. We moved in together and ended up living with each other for almost 3 years.

Tegan We met competing in the Miss Universe Australia competition in 2010 and instantly hit it off! A few years later we were walking past each other at a set of traffic lights in Sydney and started chatting, before quickly realising we were both looking for a roommate. That was the beginning of us living together for years to come.

Tegan and Brooke

What are your secrets to maintaining a healthy friendship?

Brooke The most important thing is to check in; now that we live interstate we always keep in touch by phone. Tegan and I have one of those friendships that no matter how much time passes in between catch ups we can always talk about anything and everything.

Tegan I think we have nailed this one as we are both very similar and it’s just such an easy friendship. We are both quite low maintenance friends and we can go for weeks or even at times months without speaking, but then I can visit Brooke and stay for 3 nights and it’s like nothing has changed! I find the older I get the more I appreciate my ‘low maintenance friends’, life is busy and you can’t be available all the time for everyone.

How do you support each other’s health and wellness goals?

Brooke Tegan and I have always shared similar health and fitness goals. We would regularly cook healthy dinners and work out together. We both loved nourishing our bodies so it was easy to keep each other accountable. Tegan has an intolerance to dairy so if I was ever to buy a sweet treat afterwards, I would make sure it didn’t contain any dairy.

Tegan When we lived together we were able to support each other’s wellness goals on another level! We would cook for each other on nights we knew the other was really stressed or busy and Brooke would even leave off the cheese for me knowing that I don’t do dairy!

Nowadays it can be as simple as a phone call where we just listen to each other. We are both quite healthy and like to look after ourselves but sometimes some subtle advice like “babe don’t feel like you have to be nailing it all at the moment, maybe this month is a good one to get some healthy meals delivered to carve out some more time for you to recharge” (we both love the MACROS meals and they are DF for me!).

What are your top tips for maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle?


  1. Keeping my meals full of freshness and lots of colour!
  2. Getting active, now that I’m 31 weeks pregnant my workouts aren’t as intense but I always go for a walk with my son. I find it makes me feel so much better.
  3. I have never, and never will, diet. If I want a sweet treat I have it. Everything in moderation.

Tegan When I am feeling my healthiest I know it’s because my choices have been good that week. We are faced with choices all day everyday e.g. do I sleep in, or get up and have my lemon water and meditate? Do I eat the takeaway next door or walk the extra 5 minutes to the supermarket and buy the salad? Do I pack my supplements for my 3 day trip or just miss a few days?

My top tip is to give yourself a little pep talk every time you make a better health choice throughout your day. I like to make it a little competition for myself to try and choose the better option as many times as I can that day (but I don’t beat myself up when I occasionally choose the unhealthier option as I am only human).

What are your go-to mid-week meals when you are busy?

Brooke Being a new mum to my beautiful boy Banksy, renovating our home and also being 31 weeks pregnant, sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to think about lunch or dinner. I love to have the ready-made MACROS meals in the house for the days I don’t have time to cook.

Tegan I have a go to veggie spiral pasta with lemon basil and chicken that I love, for a snack I do sweet potato boats in the air fryer and top with guacamole but if I am really busy and not working from home much that week I don’t kid myself that I will be able to juggle it all. I just jump online to order ready made healthy meals that I can sub in for lunch or dinner.

I have tried a few and my favourite is MACROS as the meals taste fresh and have no MSG or ultra processed ingredients. It’s important for me to know what is in my food right down to the oils that are used and I trust that MACROS are dietician designed to keep me on track.


Brooke and Tegan are Macros ambassadors. Macros makes delicious ready-made healthy meals. Nutritionally-balanced and portion-controlled, MACROS meals are dairy-free and cater to a range of dietary requirements whilst also offering high-protein, low-cal and low-carb options. Whether you’re looking to sort healthy work lunches, are too busy to cook in the evening or are looking to smash your fitness goals, MACROS has a plan for you.

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