How Break Free Consultancy is Empowering Disability Businesses and Individuals for Success

With Jacqui Grant at the helm, Break Free Consultancy is dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses to reach their full potential. Boasting 36 years of experience in the health and disability sector, Jacqui brings a wealth of qualifications and expertise to offer a diverse range of services to her clients.

Corporate Wellbeing Programs, Empowerment Coaching, and More

Break Free Consultancy works with disability businesses to help them set up and grow their businesses, understand their processes, and meet compliance in the disability sector. The organisation offers programs, masterclasses, document bundles, eBooks, staff in-services, and wellbeing programs. 

They also work with the corporate sector to create a neurodiverse inclusive work environment and implement wellbeing programs for staff. They also offer personalised wellbeing bundles for businesses to gift their employees, which is a great way to acknowledge their efforts and build morale. The bundles include an Empowering Wellbeing card deck, books, personalised coffee mug, and more. 

This focused consultancy also offers services to individuals, including empowerment coaching sessions and programs to assist with health, fitness, and wellness goals. Break Free Consultancy also works with coaches to help them understand neurodiversity and work with their neurodiverse clients.

About Jacqui

Jacqui Grant is a five-time Amazon best-selling author and has completed studies in multiple areas of health. She has been in management, leadership, and training/educator roles in the past. Her personal experience, combined with her professional qualifications, allows her to bring the best of both worlds to her clients.

Break Free Consultancy is neuro-affirming and focuses on empowerment and what is possible. The organisation helps businesses and individuals focus on success and solutions to their problems/challenges. With so many people feeling stressed and worried, and workplaces struggling to be neurodiverse inclusive and have a wellbeing program that helps with staff retention, Break Free Consultancy has the solution.

Neurodiversity and Wellbeing and the Workplace

One of the key areas that Break Free Consultancy focuses on is embracing neurodiversity in the workplace and as part of society. With more people being diagnosed with ADS (Autism) and ADHD, neurotypical individuals need to understand how to work with neurodiverse individuals. Miscommunication can be minimised with the right education and Break Free Consultancy can provide that education.

Wellbeing in the workplace is also essential for long-term success, productivity, and profit. Break Free Consultancy can help businesses develop and implement a well-developed wellbeing program that sets them apart from their competitors. The organisation also offers staff education sessions on health, wellbeing, and positive communication that are neuro-affirming.

Finally, Break Free Consultancy understands that many coaches do not know how to work with neurodiverse clients. Standard coaching methodology may not work, and clients may feel a sense of failure. Break Free Consultancy solves this challenge through training and support.

Break Free Consultancy offers a range of services to empower individuals and businesses to achieve success. With a focus on neurodiversity, wellbeing, and empowerment, Break Free Consultancy can help businesses set up and grow, create inclusive work environments, and help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals.

To learn more, visit their website or contact Break Free Consultancy via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.