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How to Still Wear Skinny Jeans

Got a wardrobe full of skinnies? There has been a lot of debate over the last year about skinny jeans and if they still have a place in the 2020s. But no matter if you are a Gen Z’er trashing Millennials and Gen Y’s skinny jeans on TikTok or a Baby Boomer or Gen X’er who didn’t even realise the look was on its way out, skinny jeans will never ever fully go away.

And more importantly who actually cares? If you love them, they look great and you still feel good in them keep wearing them we say! If you want to keep your skinny jeans looking modern, read our tips below.

1. Crop ‘Em

Cropping your skinnies will immediately make them feel a little more modern in style. You can cut them off yourself and let them naturally fray or take them to a tailor to get them to take up the hem for a more polished look. Wear them with a simple white shirt and flats or a cropped knit and trainers.

2. Jet Black

A super sleek and fitted dark skinny jean paired with all black is always going to be chic and sexy. Add a bold red lip and you have a look that will never go out of fashion. Case in point? Check out Olivia’s iconic look in Grease that is considered an all-time classic and while she was wearing pants not denim, you can recreate the look with a tight black skinny jean.

Image: Paramount Pictures

3. French Style

Add a classic camel trench coat or blazer, a stripe Breton tee, some ballet flats or sandals and a tousled ‘I woke up like this’ hair style and you’ll have a classic French girl look that will stand the test of time.

4. Rock It

Embrace the 80s punk rock look and wear your skinnies super tight, super low and with a whole lot of rock star attitude. Throw on a black motorcycle jacket, an ironic print tee and some 80s style trainers to complete the look.

Image: Megadeth

Need anymore convincing that you can still wear your skinny jeans? Check out two style icons in skinny denim below.

Brigitte Bardot
Sophia Loren

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