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Product Pick of the Week: Glowstick Wireless LED Light Therapy Mask

Want that extra glow? This week we review one of our favourite at-home skin tech products, guaranteed to give you a gorgeous glow.

The Product: Glowstick Wireless LED Light Therapy Mask

Price: $199

What They Say

Our NEW Version II, medical grade Wireless LED Light Therapy Mask includes 64 clinical lights with therapeutic blue, red and yellow light that help to treat acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, uneven skin texture, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles. Using our mask boosts collagen production, reduces redness, kills acne causing bacteria and increases hydration leaving you with softer, brighter, glow-ier skin!

Why We Love It

At home facials became our go-to over the last year and while we are excited to be back enjoying in-salon treatments there are some products we plan to keep using at home.

We are big fans of LED treatments for healing, acne control and giving our skin that extra ‘glow’. There are so many benefits for your overall skin health but visiting a salon once a week can get pretty expensive. We have been able to achieve the same benefits at home using the Glowstick mask, once every couple few days for 30 mins.

There are three different light options – red, blue and yellow and the visor style means that you can relax under the mask and still check your phone or watch something on Netflix without too much hassle. Or better yet, switch off the devices and enjoy a relaxing 30 minutes to yourself, follow up with a hydrating serum or facial oil and enjoy the pampered feeling.

Shop it here.

ele Note – our tester for this product has normal to dry skin, and regularly has in-salon LED treatments and is always on the hunt for products that add that extra glow!

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