Live: How to Land Your Dream Job (and top tips for creating the perfect resume)

Here at ELE we are passionate about spending our days doing something we love and while at times it can seem like an impossible dream, with a few strategies, positivity and persistence you can land your dream job. Here are some of our top tips.

Research, research, research

Sometimes what appears to be your dream job on the outside turns out to be nothing like what you thought it would be so do your research first – read as much as you can about the job, reach out to others in the industry and try to understand what you would be doing on a day to day basis.

Be Realistic and Get Creative

Want to be a world famous singer but can’t hold a note? Sometimes we need to be realistic about what is possible but don’t let that stop you from following a dream. You may not be able to make it as a pop star but get creative and think about all of the other roles in the same field that would keep you close to the action and allow you to spend your days being exposed to the industry – and maybe even a great singing coach!

Get connected

LinkedIn, employment recruiters and industry insiders should become your best friends when you are on the hunt for your dream job. Follow and connect with companies you’d love to work for. Recruiting agencies will understand the ins and out of your industry and will have long-standing connections so make sure you register with them and get them working on your behalf to promote you through their networks.

Write a winning resume

Your resume is your first impression and needs to hit the mark straight away. Our good friends at Alpha Resumes have kindly shared with us six of their top tips for creating a winning professional resume.

1) Design – Your resume should be well formatted and visually appealing. Don’t just rely on design however, or the recruiter won’t be left remembering your accomplishments, but instead your design wizardry.

2) Language – Correct language, grammar and spelling are vital. Keep it short, sharp and to the point. One little spelling error and you may very well be out of the game.

3) Achievements – The biggest problem we see is candidates focusing solely on responsibilities. It’s boring and doesn’t show how you can add value. Achievements are proof that you can and have done something.

4) Tell a Story – Your resume isn’t just a collection of lists. It’s where you weave the story of your career trajectory. You need to draw the reader in, rather than boring them with a simple chronology.

5) Length – A great resume isn’t too long or short. If something adds value it should be added. If it won’t help you win the next role, take it off. The last 10 years are the most important to remark.

6) A.T.S. – A. T. What? Applicant Tracking Systems are now used as standard by most recruiters. If your resume doesn’t have the right keywords or formatting you will fail the computer scan and be out of the game.

Be prepared and practice

Your stellar resume has landed you an interview, now it’s time to get prepared. Do as much research as you can on the company and the position. Practise your interview skills – most companies will conduct behavioural style interviews so research a list of common interview questions and get practising. One of our favourite ways to prep is through a mock interview. Ask a friend or family member to run through your interview with you as if they were the interviewer and provide you with feedback. Another great way is to film yourself answering mock questions – this way you can playback and review and critique yourself to identify the areas you need to polish up on.


A few days after the interview process is complete follow-up with the company direct or recruiting agency with a simple thank you email for inviting you to be part of the process. This will keep you top of mind and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role and your professionalism.

Keep Positive

Like many things in life, positivity and persistence are key traits that will help you reach your goals. If you aren’t successful first time around, don’t give up, keep refining your skills, practising your interview technique and researching your industry. The perfect job is out there for you!

Alpha Resumes is a professional resume writing service based in Melbourne, Australia. They specialise in creating professional resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles for professionals, managers and executives in all industries. If you need some help or are thinking of a transitioning careers feel free to visit their website here.

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  1. Great post, I’m sure this is helpful for people applying to their dream job. 🙂

  2. As a HR Professional, the ideal length for a resume is two pages. Employers get bored with anything longer.

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