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ELE Interview: Taking Five with Natalie and Camilla, Sister Sister Travels

An infectious love of travel, strong family ties and a wanderlust that has them travelling all over the world, UK sisters Natalie and Camilla from Sister Sister Travels inspire us to pack our bags and head of on our next adventure. We chat to them this week about their favourite travel destinations, their love of BBQs and a Titanic themed hotel in India that has cat named Kate Winslet!

Where is your favourite travel destination and why?

Our favourite travel destination has to be Italy! We love the food, the people and the atmosphere, not forgetting the amazing architecture and sights.  We love to spend the morning exploring whichever city we’re in, you’ll normally find us at the Duomo or Cathedral, and then spend the afternoon sampling as much Italian food (and wine) as possible. Our favourite pastime is finding a traditional restaurant down a side street and leaving many hours later as the owners new best friends!

The locals are always so welcoming in Italy and our favourite travel experiences often involve them. One time when we were in Florence Camilla was feeling unwell, she asked for a Hot Chocolate to make her feel better, but unfortunately the waiter said they didn’t serve it. Of course we said it was fine and continued with our meal. However moments later he appeared with his own version of Hot Chocolate, basically melted chocolate mixed with milk, it was such a nice gesture and one we will never forget.  Plus, it was delicious! We try to visit once a year, so far we’ve ticked off Florence, Venice, Pisa, Rome and Milan, visiting some more than once. However, next on our list is to explore the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and The Dolomites.

What is your go-to recipe to cook at home?

Due to our love of Italian food we often attempt to recreate it when cooking together, we no longer live together so this is usually a special occasion. From homemade pizza to pasta (unfortunately the pasta isn’t homemade!) we love to cook hearty dishes, and often end up cooking too much! One of our go-to recipes is actually is a pasta dish our mum made us when we were younger, spicy sausage pasta with creamy lemon sauce. In addition, we hate to admit, but we normally end up snacking on tubs and tubs of hummus!  Think we have an addition, but how good is that stuff?!

What can’t you live without in the Garden?

A BBQ! One of our favourite summer activities is spending the day in the garden with family and friends, eating too much food and drinking a little too much wine. Our dad is a pro on the BBQ and sometimes he even lets us have a go! From burgers to sausages, chicken skewers and grilled vegetables, you can’t go wrong with whacking it all on the BBQ.  Plus, seeing as the British summer isn’t always kind with the weather, when it’s good it’s good! We love to make the most of it and have as many BBQs as we can squeeze in, even if that means running inside to avoid the rain halfway through.

What inspires you?

People! When we’re travelling we love speaking to the locals and fellow travelers. They always have amazing stories to tell and often inspire us to visit the places they’re talking about, make us change our way of thinking or even just stay in our minds forever. It’s also a brilliant way to find out more about the culture.  There have been countless times when we’ve come back from a trip and told our parents or friends about someone we’ve met, even if it’s years down the line. One person that always comes to mind when talking about our time in India is Polu, owner of the Titanic Hotel in Jaisalmer.  Now, as the name of his hotel suggests, he was obsessed with the film Titanic.  From calling his cat Kate Winslet, singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ on repeat, to his life highlight having Kate Winslet in his Tuk Tuk (he had the picture hanging behind reception), everything in his life revolved around that film.

Although it wasn’t only his quirky obsession that made us love him, but also his kindness.  Upon arrival he invited us on his Camel Safari that afternoon, he invited us to his son’s birthday party where he cooked everyone a meal on the house, and he made sure we were safely on the correct bus when travelling to our next destination.  He made us feel extremely welcome and definitely made our experience in Jaisalmer amazing!

Describe your perfect day.

Our perfect day would involve exploring somewhere new, whether that is in the UK or further afield. We love starting early and watching the sunrise, usually from a stunning location such as Ojstrica in Lake Bled, followed by a buffet breakfast to set ourselves up for the day. Then, wed head out to wander around wherever we are, from walking around a city to hiking in the hills/mountains, seeing the sights and sampling the local cuisine, we love to experience as much as we can when in a new place. Towards the end of the day we would relax a little bit more, whether that’s settling down in a local restaurant with a glass of wine or sunbathing on the beach until sunset, this is the time we like to have a good old natter or get stuck into a good book.  Of course, finishing the day with a hearty meal and maybe another glass or two of wine.

To read more about Natalie and Camilla’s travels visit their website here.  To keep up to date with their life and travels follow them on Instagram @sistersistertravels.

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  1. I hope my daughters have this much fun together some day! Blessings!

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