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My Weekend with Bec Miller, Founder of Health with Bec

As a nutritionist and gut health specialist, Bec Miller, founder of Health with Bec knows all about prioritizing health and wellbeing, we catch up with Bec this week and find out how she spends her weekend downtime.

Friday PM

More often than not, I’m exhausted from the week and love a ‘Bec night in’. This usually involves eating my favourite, easy pasta dish using legume pasta, broccoli, pesto and truffle oil or Ubereats (I love getting a Grill’d burger). I often do a face mask, wash my hair and cuddle my little dog Winston, an adorable and cheeky Italian greyhound.

Saturday AM

I usually love using Saturday mornings to go for a long outdoor walk on
the beach or around my beachside suburb with Winston if the weather is sunny.
Otherwise, I head to the gym, grab a takeaway coffee and do a couple of hours of work– just a few things that I couldn’t get to on Friday. This is then followed by some errands.

Saturday PM

Most of the time, if I’m at home in Perth, it will involve catching up with friends at a bar, followed by dinner. This will always involve at least a few drinks and I love trying to get to new places to try. I am such a foodie and eating out is my favourite thing to do. Last Saturday I celebrated my sister’s birthday with her with an amazing new Italian wine bar in Fremantle, Vin Populi.

Sunday AM

I usually have the morning to totally rest from exercise. Sunday is my wholesome, relaxing, ‘nothing’ day. I prioritise a lot of rest, visiting my grandma and parents and often meet friends for a late morning brunch where I always get an avocado smash – always! I often buy myself a bunch of flowers and some fresh food for the next couple of days. Oh, I also make sure the house is super clean on Sundays to ensure I wake up Monday with a clear head and an inspiring space.

Sunday PM

Sunday night is a ‘no plans night’ for me. If something pops up on the day, I’ll do it if I feel like it at the time, but I love to make it free of commitments usually so that I can just do whatever my soul feels like. That’s often watching the sunset from my balcony then lying in bed with Netflix. This is very important in order for me to wake up feeling energised and ready for Monday. I also look at my unfinished tasks from last week on the to-do list and create a new one for Monday so that I can go to bed knowing that I will wake up on Monday with a clear plan.

About Bec

Bec Miller is a nutritionist, weight loss and gut health specialist and founder of Health With Bec. For years, Bec struggled with weight fluctuations, a slow thyroid and chronic digestive issues. As a healthy young woman who visited multiple GPs and specialists whilst studying nutrition, it drove her crazy to say the least. It took around four years of her own research (and finally finding the right functional medicine doctor) to discover that she had a multitude of food intolerances, an out of whack microbiome and a slow thyroid. Only then was she able to heal herself and find a way of eating that kept the foodie side of her happy, her bloating at bay (this was life changing), her energy sustained and her weight stable easily. To find out more about how Bec can help you, and to check out her 3 Week Body Reset Program, visit

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