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Staying Cool: What To Wear on a Hot Weather Holiday

Jetting off to warmer climes this year? Make sure that your holiday wardrobe has all the essentials so you can stay cool, calm, and protected from start to finish. Here’s our comprehensive guide on what to wear on a hot weather holiday.

1. Lightweight and loose-fitting clothing

Sunshine and generous temperatures is the perfect climate for most adventures abroad, whether you are planning to lounge on the beach, wander city streets, or be active in nature. However, we sweat more in warm weather which can be uncomfortable in the wrong outfit.

Fill your suitcase with lightweight and loose-fitting clothing rather than restrictive items like jeans. You should also prioritise natural fabrics that are breathable, like linen and cotton, above synthetic materials that will keep the heat in. Essentials include a pair of wide-leg linen trousers, a jersey maxi dress, and a choice of cotton t-shirts.

2. Comfortable and breathable footwear

If you are planning a fly and flop, you can probably get away with taking minimal pairs of shoes. Flip flops are fantastic footwear for around the pool but be sure to choose a design with good grip. In the evenings, sandals are ideal, or a soft shoe with fuller coverage such as espadrilles.

Booked a more active adventure? Supportive footwear is a must but concentrate on keeping it cooling. For example, trainers and walking shoes allow air circulation for foot ventilation and will be much more comfortable than heavy walking boots.

3. Accessories that provide sun protection

Sweat is not the only physical reaction to warm weather. Exposure to sunlight can cause sunburn, red and sore skin damage caused by UV rays. Sunburn is often mild but can be severe, and regular skin damage from the sun can lead to serious health issues further down the line.

In addition to the regular application of a high-SPF sunscreen, safeguard your skin by wearing key protective accessories. These include a sunhat that shades your nose and neck, sunglasses with a UV filter, and a thin scarf or shawl that you can use to cover your shoulders when needed.

4. Swimwear and a cover-up

In most hot weather destinations, holiday accommodation comes with a swimming pool. Make sure to pack a selection of swimwear, including options which provide more coverage in case you need to protect tender skin or show respect in a more conservative culture.

A simple cover-up such as a kaftan or kimono means that you can go straight from the pool or beach to a café for lunch and will provide essential additional physical protection during the heat of the day.

5. Moisture-wicking activewear

Even if you are planning to have a relaxing, slow-paced getaway this winter, you will benefit from including moisture-wicking activewear in your luggage. These pieces are made out of specially-developed high-tech polyester that does not absorb much moisture, keeping you fresh and dry as you move. There are a range of sweat-wicking garments to choose from, but useful items for your hot weather holiday include tank tops, shorts, and underwear including sports bras and briefs.

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