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What to Consider When Moving Country

Want a change of scenery? But not just any change of scenery, maybe a change of country? If you’re serious about it, then there are a few things to consider in preparation for your move abroad.

Get the right visa

If you’ve secured a job abroad and perhaps somewhere to live, getting a visa should be the next thing on your agenda. To do this, find the nearest embassy for the country you want to migrate to. They can advise you on the paperwork you need to find out and how long you should expect the application to take. For instance, if you are moving to Canada for a job, it’s worth checking if your potential employer has experience in hiring a foreign worker in Canada (embaucher un travailleur étranger au Canada), as they may be able to offer guidance or support throughout the visa application process.

Make sure that if your passport is due to expire any time within the next 6 months, you get it renewed ASAP. And make sure that any other documents the embassy may ask for are in a safe place and organised properly. These may include birth certificates, marriage certificates and proof of your qualifications.

Do your research

You’ll want to be very certain that you can really enjoy living in your new country, so do some intensive research! Find out what kind of taxation you can expect to pay out of your salary so you can budget accordingly. Look into the healthcare system to see how it works. If you need to get private medical insurance in the country, start comparing policies and ensure you have the right cover from Day 1.

If you’re moving with a family, you should do your homework on how the school system works there. Figure out if there are any education fees you might have to pay. It also won’t hurt to investigate how the university system works there and what the fees might be if they decide to attend.

Build your credit history

Check out your current credit score. Is there room for improvement? If so, it’s wise to make a concerted effort to build it up before you start moving in earnest. Strengthening your credit score and building your credit history can help you secure the best rates possible when applying for loans or mortgages.

Once you move, you’ll have to apply for a new bank account in your new country, which may mean you have to build up a new credit score from scratch. It may be expedient to switch your bank account before you go to a provider that offers international services. That way, you might have an easier time opening a new account abroad.

Budget correctly

A good budgeting strategy can save headaches later on. Check out the cost-of-living figures in that country. Then do some additional research and estimate what your core costs will be in your new location. That could include:

  • Groceries
  • Living costs
  • Healthcare insurance, if applicable
  • Transportation
  • Schooling
  • Visits back to home to see friends or family

Don’t get complacent once you’ve moved. Track your spending habits with a reliable app and adjust your budget if it seems appropriate. Plenty of research and a strong financial position is key when looking to move abroad. When everything is in place, you can move over there and fully immerse yourself in all the joys your new country has to offer.

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