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Tips and Destinations For Solo Cruisers

When you think about travelling alone, you’ll likely think of spontaneously booked backpacking trips to far-flung places with only a single-way plane fare. However, a cruise is a great option for solo travellers looking to see the world. If you’re thinking about going on a solo cruise, keep reading to discover some of the benefits of going on a cruise alone, and some top destination picks for solo cruisers.

Benefits of cruising solo

There are plenty of advantages to going on a cruise by yourself, including many you might not have even thought of.

Make new friends

These days, cruises aren’t just for couples. There’ll likely be many solo travellers just like you who want to meet new people to travel with. Many cruise lines, like P&O Cruises, put on regular coffee mornings and meet-ups for solo travellers to make it easier for everyone to mingle.

Decide your own itinerary

Going on a solo cruise means you’ll never have to compromise on what you want to do. You can visit the countries you’ve always wanted to travel to and do all the activities you’ve dreamt of. Not having to think about keeping someone else happy can be very liberating for solo cruisers!

Remove the stress from travelling alone

There’s no denying that big solo backpacking trips can be stressful. However, on a solo cruise, pretty much all that stress is removed. You never have to worry about where to eat, what to do after dinner, or any entertainment for the day. Solo cruising is also a safer way to travel since you’ll never have to worry about things like getting home by yourself at night.

Top destinations for solo cruises

Now you’ve decided to take the plunge, you can decide just where to go on your solo cruise. Here are some of the best places for solo cruisers.

The Caribbean

If you’re looking for a solo cruise to really get away from it all, a cruise around the Caribbean will be the perfect getaway. Think warm idyllic beaches, scuba diving in clear waters, and hospitable stays from welcoming locals. A Caribbean cruise usually visits unforgettable destinations like Aruba, Jamaica, and many other vibrant islands.


For solo cruisers who want to explore buzzing modern cities and immerse themselves in the Scandi way of living, a cruise around Scandinavia is a great option. Tick off the Scandinavian cities of Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen from your travel bucket list, and relax in one of the most popular regions for solo adventurers.

The Mediterranean

You don’t need to venture far for some great travel stories; often the best places are right on your doorstep. A solo cruise around the Mediterranean will give you endless things to see and do, including exploring the ancient ruins in Rome, soaking up the sun on one of the many Greek islands, and gazing upon the iconic landscapes of Dubrovnik.

If you’re thinking about your next solo travel adventure, why not consider a solo cruise!

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