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We Try The Dermal Diary Instrinsic Facial Experience

By Shannon Meddings, Style Machine

We’ve all been there; you go in to get a facial treatment on your skin and you either come out looking like you’ve been in a war zone or you wonder if you look any different from the moment you went in. That is not even in the same stratosphere as my experience at The Dermal Diary.

Running late, I arrived flustered and apologetic to a room of calm and friendly people willing me to relax and assuring me that everything was ok. That’s when I noticed Isabella, actually I noticed her skin and I commented how she was glowing, I mean she was radiant! I commented, not realising Isabella was in fact Isabella Lonergan the brains behind The Dermal Diary brand and The Dermal Diary’s Private Collection skin care range.

Isabella invited me to sit down in one of her beautiful treatment rooms for a chat before the facial. As we discussed her history, immediately it was evident how passionate she about skin and about making people feeling good. Being a qualified dermatologist and seeing many clients using medication to treat inflamed skin and failing, Isabella made it her life’s work to find a more holistic approach to skin health.

Trained under Yakov Gersch in Paris in Advanced Facial Sculpture Massage, Isabella and her select team are some of the few therapists in Australia to qualified for the Buccal Massage, a favourite of Meghan Markle, and I have to say, I can now see why!

The Intrinsic Facial Experience is something very different to any facial I’ve had before as it uses a face massage technique maximising the muscle sculptural technique and further releasing muscle tension that drags the facial muscles down. The products used are divine and for someone who has very sensitive skin, my skin loved them. After the facial I popped downstairs and this is when I saw my skin in the mirror and I was taken aback, I was glowing!! Literally my skin was glowing!! My skin was so happy, my chin was absolutely more defined after the lymphatic drainage technique used in the area and all in all I was vibrant. Wow just wow!

For Sydneysiders looking for some pampering this is absolutely it! They also offer The Bright Facial Experience for an express brightening treatment, and The Original Facial which is a facial designed especially for your skin.

The Signature Facial and Intrinsic Facial are world class skin treatments so expect to feel completely pampered.

For more information or to book an appointment please visit:

ele enjoyed the Intrinsic Facial Experience courtesy of The Dermal Diary, all opinions and reviews are our own authentic experiences.

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