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7 Things You Can Do Before Bed To Wake Up Looking Gorgeous

We all know that getting a great night’s sleep is key to waking up feeling and looking great. But what you do before bed can also have an impact on ensuring that you maximise your beauty sleep and save time in the morning. These beauty regime tips and products will have you waking up looking the best version of yourself.

1. Give yourself an overnight facial with a sleeping mask

Originally a Korean beauty step, overnight masks are becoming popular as they are designed to work their magic while you sleep. The Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is an overnight mask that hydrates, purifies and soothes skin so that you wake up looking well rested and refreshed. RRP $44

2. Clear breakouts while you sleep

The old toothpaste on your pimple trick is messy, smelly and too harsh for your skin. Tribe Skincare’s Clear Me! Anti-Breakout Serum draws out impurities while you sleep, with White Willow Bark to help dissolve oil to clean out your pores while Licorice Extract soothes any inflammation. RRP: $78

3. Protect your hair and extend the life of your style

Most of us won’t have time to blow dry, straighten or curl our hair every day so it’s frustrating spending all that time on it only to wake up on day 2 with bed head. In addition, friction while you sleep can cause frizz, snapped strands and other damage. Damn Gina’s Silk Hair Turban will protect hair from damage and keep your style from getting ruined while you sleep. The silk fabric is also moisture wicking, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so it breathes if it’s humid or you get a little sweaty while you sleep. Bonus: they look amazing! RRP $39.95

4. Pop on a lip treatment and wake up with luscious, plump and soft lips

Rawkanvas Luscious Conditioning Lip Treatment is a conditioning lip treatment blended with a combination of moisturising botanical butters to hydrate, lock in moisture and soften dry or chapped lips, as supported by active ingredients including Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Butter and Shea Butter. RRP $24

5. Treat your hair to a leave-in masque

Who has time to leave a hair mask on for the requisite 10-15mins before rinsing it out? Switching to a leave in mask means it can do it’s work while you sleep. Daily Naturals Leave-In Masque is a luxurious leave in treatment that adds weightless moisture to all hair types with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera. It also protects against colour fade, chlorine greening, and sun and surf damage with built in UV protector. RRP: $20.95

6. Get a holiday glow by adding some tanning drops into your night cream

Tanologist’s Face & Body Drops are designed to be mixed into your skincare. The non-comedogenic formula works with your existing skincare and won’t clog pores, minimising the chance of breakouts. The hardworking drops give a glowing complexion with less stress and will brighten, soften and hydrate skin. RRP: $19.99

7. Slather on a nourishing foot balm and some cotton socks

Lanolips Minty Foot and Leg Balm nourishes dry feet and transforms dry skin to super soft and silky. Slather on a thick layer and let the lanolin and peppermint work their magic while you sleep. RRP: $18.95

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