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What to Watch This Week – Anatomy of a Scandal

Politics, intrigue, courtroom drama and a very British sensibility, Anatomy of a Scandal is a perfectly glossy UK drama to sink your teeth into.

Based on the novel by the same name from author Sarah Vaughan, the series tells the story of a married high profile British Tory Minister, James Whitehouse (Rupert Friend) who has an affair with office aide, Olivia Lytton (Naomi Scott). The affair becomes public and wife Kate Whitehouse (Sienna Miller), has to question whether she really knows the man that she married while dealing with the very public fallout.

Things get complicated when James is accused of a non-consensual relationship by Olivia and is charged to stand trial, with Prosecutor Kate Woodcroft (Downton Abbey’s delightful Michelle Dockery) determined to put him away.

Prime Minister Tom Southern (played by Geoffrey Steatfield) is James’ best friend from their days at Oxford University where they were part of the ‘Libertines Club’ a college frat boy group of questionable morals. A hidden secret that the pair share from their University days threatens to follow them into the present.

While it isn’t perfect, Anatomy of a Scandal is perfectly entertaining and keeps watchers intrigued from start to finish across six episodes. Scandals in politics in real life are nothing new but rarely are they this glossy and entertaining.

We aren’t sure why it is so compelling to watch privileged British types go a little rogue but it definitely is, the series is fast paced and entertaining in a perfectly upper class British way.

Fashion lovers will love Sienna Miller’s wardrobe throughout the season with her character dressed in an understated wealthy way that screams money but only seems to be able to be pulled off by very few.

Who will love it?

Fans of scandal, politics and courtroom dramas will enjoy this show. Bonus if you also love Michelle Dockery, Sienna Miller and those very British cut class accents.

Watch the trailer here and stream the series here.

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