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3 Sleep and Relaxation Apps to Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

We review 3 Sleep and Relaxation Apps we are using to assist with better quality sleep.

Sleep can be elusive for many of us and with millions of people reporting inadequate sleep, poor quality sleep or serious sleep disorders, any helping hand we can get in the sleep department is welcomed.

While there are a number of tried and tested tips to help you fall asleep (read our favourites here), sometimes a little more intervention is required.

We review three apps that are helping us with overall wellbeing and better quality sleep.

1. Sleep Cycle

We love Sleep Cycle because of its clever solution for improving your rest. Rather than alarming you from your sleep at a specific time, the app analyzes your sleep patterns, and then picks the moment you are sleeping the lightest (within a half-hour window that you have defined) to awaken you gently. Resulting in better quality sleep and feeling well rested during the day.

Free trial? Yes

Suitable for IOS/Android? Both

Pros Slick interface, can identify snores/coughs/speech, requires very little user input, excellent value for money.

Cons Gentle wake up won’t suit everyone, best used with a smart watch which may not be practical for everyone, manual start/stop.

Cost (AUD) $9.99 p/m or $39.99 p/a 

2. Headspace

Headspace takes the seriousness out of meditation with its graphics and easy-to-navigate interface. It really can assist in getting you on track with meditation, stress reduction and ultimately better quality sleep.

Free trial? Yes

Suitable for IOS/Android? Both

Pros Wide range of meditations available, good for all experience levels, daily guidance.

Cons Free trial requires you to enter a credit card and commit to an auto-renewal subscription (if like us you forget to cancel!), expensive and while it is great for adults, if you are a younger person wanting to benefit there isn’t much content suitable for minors. Can be expensive.

Cost (AUD) $19.99 per month or $149.99 per annum

3. Calm

Although not a true sleep app it is a great all-in-one app for anyone wanting to improve their mental wellbeing. The app teaches users how to reduce anxiety and stress and sleep better.

Free trial? Yes

Suitable for IOS/Android? Both

Pros Highly customisable, varied content, easy to use, good for minors and it rolls the features of a number of apps into one.

Cons No sleep monitoring, on the pricier side

Cost (AUD) $14.99 per month or $62.99 per annum following the free trial

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